Is Ed sending coded messages to his family?


Ed’s constant referrals to his “cards” are a talking point amongst many puzzled BB fans by now, who are wondering what on Earth he is talking about. I’ve previously dismissed these ‘cards’ as nothing more than a ploy to keep him in the house by generating interest. It seemed as though he was trying to enhance interest in his character by presenting the public (by only speaking about it in the Diary Room) with these mystery cards that he supposedly has up his sleeve. We were recently treated to a package by Big Brother on nomination night, wherein they played each of Ed’s references to his mythical cards which totalled a whopping amount of times. When called out by BB, Ed’s demeanour was that of a nervous child who had been busted with their hand in the cookie-jar. Stumbling over his words, he offered no particular answer. This is either because he has no valid response and has been playing up the mystery (assuming that the interest will allow him to stay), or he has another, and a lot more sinister plan.

These references have been made during critical points in the game. Ed mentions them when he is up for nomination, but has now stopped trying to perpetuate the myth that these ‘cards’ are in regard to Tim. Perhaps he has realised that if he keeps making these more specific statements, he’ll eventually have to give up the supposed info about Tim, which those who are clued-on have concluded that he simply does not have.

Let’s get down to the reason for the constant references. A very clever Twitter user (@maxinepeters) was the first to bring it to my attention, and after certain events the other night, these suspicions have been (in my mind) confirmed.


So let’s take a look at why this makes so much sense. Keep in mind that Ed can only assume when he’s unsafe, but it’s his family that pulls the trigger. That would be why he refers to it so often; he says ‘cards’, they decide whether it’s time to act or not. Hence the amount of times it has been said vs. how many times they’ve made their move. The first reference to wanting to play his ‘cards’ (hereby ‘cardalarm’) was made prior to Matt’s eviction; perhaps this was signalling the first of his family’s desperate ploys to save him, the infamous “Win A Double-Date With Ed” competition. Perfectly timed, Ed’s odds to leave went from being the most likely to leave, to being suddenly and surprisingly saved. Ed’s family claims that no-one entered the contest, but many disgruntled fans disagree as the spike in votes was just too obvious to ignore.


Ed then spent plenty of time assuming his certain popularity/safety, signalling to his family by saying openly and repeatedly in the Diary Room “I won’t play my cards just yet”, and “it’s too soon to play my cards”. Was this his pre-planned way of telling his family “no, not yet. I feel safe for now”?

He’s been sending out random little cardalarms since then, but the most prominent now coincides with the newest ploy, #EdHour. Oh how this wreaks of absolute desperation. Given his again low odds, they’ve called to all Ed fans to vote in (what they assume/hope to be) massive numbers. They even promised a ‘collage’ of the votes; though given that there were only about 9 or 10 submitted during the hour itself, this would have probably just been an embarrassing image to release. Again, just as with the ‘date’, those that complied with the desperate ploy were given no reward. No collage including their vote screenshot, and no winner announced for the date.

@edlowerfanclub claims to have initiated #edhour, but we can’t be sure who originated the idea. Particularly if Ed’s family wants to avoid the same public outrage that they had to endure the last time they employed such tactics. Why wouldn’t they palm this off onto the fans? It’s all very suss to me, but it’s up to you to decide whether it was his family that started this, whether they sent it to the fan club to post, or if they had nothing to do with it.

(From Ed’s brother’s Instagram)

Given the annoyance after the ‘date’ controversy, it’s surprising that his family was willing to heed his cardalarm and play his next dirty card in the deck. I wonder how many more he has up his sleeve? Hopefully tonight’s eviction will put an end to these dirty games. The other nominees, Tim, Ben, Drew and Tahan would all be deserving winners and their eviction tonight would be unfair and unwarranted given that after all of his seedy tactics, Ed certainly does not deserve the prize or the title.

If this doesn’t explain Ed’s ‘cards’, I’d love to see what he is actually referring to, or if it was all just a bluff after all. Most people are assuming that he’s “just not smart enough to pull this off” but remember, this is a joint effort with his family. It’s not just Ed that planned this… To that point, I doubt he was clever enough to plan the ‘date’ scam on his own.

My final comments on this one relates to an earlier post. Please make up your own mind regarding this. I am simply presenting my opinion, it’s up to you to decide your personal interpretation.

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