Evidence That BB Benefits From Tahan & More On David Reynolds’ Voting Scams


We’ve previously explored the idea of cross-promotion after Tahan appeared in a Bathurst ad on Channel 7. If you haven’t already, you can read about it here. The general idea being that by bringing a Grid Girl/celebrity girlfriend into the house as a contestant, Big Brother/Channel 9 stood to inherit a decent amount of free publicity and promotion via all forms of media. This has worked well for them thus far, so they’ve done everything they can to protect Tahan and keep her in the house, even going so far as to manipulate the footage to create an “underdog” perception.

This was all an entirely simple concept, though Tahan’s boyfriend, David Reynolds and many ‘Tahanians’ rejected the idea based on the fact that it “is just nonsense. I have never heard of rival networks helping each other out.” – David to James Phelps of the Daily Telegraph. Apparently someone needed to explain this one to him… Channel 7 did not purposely “help out a rival network“, they inadvertently did so by airing an ad starring a Big Brother (Channel 9) contestant. This was the point – the free promotion that exemplifies the gains of Big Brother, revealing their true motivation behind her casting and subsequent protection.

So what have they gone and done now? They’ve proven the exact point that they denied without ever actually understanding; David Reynolds has recorded a promo “for Big Brother”. Well now, doesn’t that feel a little ironic? I’m not sure if they’re trying to prove what we all know to be true, or if they truly just did not understand what they were doing. Tweeted by The Bottle-O (still indulging in their shameless promotion of Tahan) and re-Tweeted by Reynolds, was the announcement of the upcoming promo which airs tonight, the first day that the audience is voting for their winner – great timing…



Similarly, it seems that Mike Goldman just cannot shut his fan-girl face. The man just seems to adore David, even taking the chance to have a jab at Channel 7 for promoting Big Brother via David/Tahan while thanking Dave-O (hey, why haven’t Bottle-O used that one yet?), for the use of his star-power in promoting BB.



Now to the voting scams that have been the topic of conversation amongst many BB fans since it was revealed. This wasn’t something that I wanted to bring up again, but we now know who the original culprit of the ‘International voting scam’ and the instigator of the ‘One Direction scam’ idea was. Throughout a large portion of the series, Tahan’s fans have enabled international viewers to vote for her by taking their money via Paypal and using it to vote for Tahan. They then complained that people were accusing them of cheating, while they were all completely “innocent”. Unfortunately, it absolutely is cheating. Perhaps they should have glanced at the voting terms and conditions before whining that they’re the victims of a ‘conspiracy’. See point #1, “Voting across SMS, Phone and Facebook is only open to residents of Australia.


So who exactly was it that began it all? Not surprisingly, it was David Reynolds himself. Just five days before any of the fans came up with the idea, he was actually the one who first propositioned Big Brother about people from overseas being able to vote. Did BB correct him on his misinterpretation of the clear rules? Of course they didn’t; they simply let it be.




In case you’re wondering how they justify this, the main account that was running the scam has now revealed her flawed logic. Needless to say, putting a call out to “anyone overseas” does not count as a “friend”. Besides which, the whole idea that they money is “then mine” is ludacris.


These girls are easily influenced, so we now know that David was also probably the one who (unintentionally) gave Tahan’s fans the idea to scam people into voting to save her. It is well-known that the Tahanians ran the ‘One Direction’ scam, but what we didn’t realise is that David Reynolds did some scheming of his own. Scamming people into calling Tahan’s “vote to save” number in an attempt to gain free racing gear was nothing other than a dirty, cheap stunt.




Some people are still wondering how Tahan has such a huge international following. Certainly contributing to her cause would be her previous work for Indian pop-star Pav Dharia. Starring in their film-clip (with over 1.3 million views), it seems Tahan has more of an international profile than any of us previously realised.

Finally, it’s been brought to my attention that ‘journalist’ James Phelps is helping out his (alleged) buddy yet again. After letting David have a good cry-on-the-shoulder whinge on at least five news websites (and four newspapers) about his misinterpretation of the public’s outrage, the Daily Telegraph reporter is at it again with his article “Oh brother, David Reynolds forced to wait to tell girlfriend of Gold Coast win”. This time, even Fox Sports got involved; it has been posted on Adelaide Now, The Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, Fox Sports and news.com.au. In addition, all of the same sites posted another separate article highlighting Reynolds’ win, so this Big Brother themed article is just unnecessary. Using his massive pull to again dominate the news (with his aforementioned article also being published on four news websites and three newspapers), David is certainly doing his best to prove us right – his influence is massive and absolutely unfair. So what’s the point? Are we supposed to feel sorry for David? Included in the article was the claim that “David Reynolds will have a lot to tell his girlfriend when she finally exits the Big Brother compound. The Ford driver will tell her about the Twitter trolls he attacked on her behalf. He will tell her about his Bathurst heartbreak.” – Daily Telegraph. Apparently anyone who has challenged ‘Dahan’ is considered a “Twitter troll“. Dig dig dig guys. Maybe stick to a story about racing next time… Regardless, I know which newspapers (and their websites) I’ll be avoiding in future.



Many people have thrown in the towel when it comes to voting this year, but unfortunately it is still up to us to fight the powerful forces behind a certain remaining HM. Can we do this? Can we prevent someone with such advantages from unfairly winning?