Are Ed & Jade Officially A Couple?

Their final embrace before Ed left the Big Brother house.

Since the amazingly satisfying finale episode, many have wondered how the housemates have been since they left the house. One question that seems to be on everyone’s minds is whether or not Jade and Ed remained a couple post-BB. They’ve both taken to Twitter and Instagram to show their blooming love, surprising so many that doubted their chances.

From Jade’s Instagram.

More from Jade: Ed and Jade enjoying their time together (left) & Ed “working hard” as captioned by Jade (right).

Domesticated: Jade cooks for Ed, Ed approves with the caption, “@JadeAlbany can cook. Not sure what she can’t do” (left).
Spending time in Melbourne together: Ed captions with “@JadeAlbany loving her juice in the freezing cold”.

They’ve also done some charity work together, and Jade has visited (along with Boog) Ed and Annie’s apartment in Melbourne.

Ed and Jade at Light A Candle for Vision Australia (left) & visiting the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne (right).

Checking out the home: Jade (along with Boog) visits Ed and Annie’s apartment for the first time (left) and the happy couple just hanging out together (right).

Jade has now met some of Ed’s friends and his older sister, Milly Lower. Though, when will she meet Nick, and will he tell her how he truly feels about her?

Dinner at an Italian restaurant in Melbourne (left) and Jade meeting Milly and her husband (right).

Though, the most glaring confirmation of their relationship would be this adorable kiss after the finale celebrations were over.


Meanwhile, Ed’s family has gone into damage control mode on their blog. A clever reader, Laura Featherstone, emailed me about the suspiciously dead link from this site to theirs. After looking into it further, it’s become clear that they’ve deleted all of their ‘Jade hating’ blogs. Thankfully we have a screenshot of one of Nick Lower’s scathing reviews, but they’ve managed to delete all evidence of any others. There were certainly a lot of them too; nearly the entire blog has been deleted, leaving only one post from September. In fact, the missing posts leave such a gap that it’s impossible to deny that Nick Lower spent a considerable amount of time speaking badly of Jade. All posts between night 23 and night 61 are gone – well done Nick…

One of many posts that they’ve since removed from their blog.

The only words of wisdom seemed to come from Ed’s older sister, Milly Lower. Seeming to be the only voice of reason in that family, she wrote; “Dear Ed, what the hell is going on? Jade one night, Jas the next? Poor Jade was in tears when you were dared to kiss Jas… I loved that you were snoring in the bed next to her oblivious to her sobbing haha poor girl. Interesting way of trying to tell Jade you’re not interested as well! You could probably work on your rambling….” Not surprisingly, Nick managed to leave this semi positive post on the site. You can read it in it’s entirely here.

Milly Lower’s blog entry.

So there we have it. There is of course the chance that Ed is keeping up appearances while telling Jade that they’re still “just friends”, but it’s doubtful. At this point, there’s no denying that they’re an item. Will their love turn JadEd? Or will we be hearing wedding bells from these two in the near future? Either way, Jade seems happy, and that’s all we care about.