Anonymous Donor Encourages Contributions To Australian Marriage Equality

Source & photo credit: Australian Marriage Equality on Facebook.

Australian Marriage Equality received an offer for a very generous donation of up to $20,000 last month; though, there was a catch. The anonymous donor has provided incentive for people to help out the amazing cause, offering to donate up to $20,000 by matching dollar for dollar the amount given to the organisation before midnight January 15th.

Source: Australian Marriage Equality on Facebook.

Alongside other equal rights associations, they’ve campaigned tirelessly to raise the amount needed to total $40,000 – $20,000 from supporters and $20,000 from the kind donor. Even with all of their efforts, they’re still coming up short. As of around 8:45pm, they had raised an incredible $15,822 – still $4,180 shy from the $20,000, but there is still time.

Source: Equal Marriage Rights Australia on Facebook.

If you support marriage equality in Australia, tonight would be an amazing time to speak up in a pertinent way. By donating whatever you can before midnight (every dollar helps), you’re ensuring that they receive double that amount. There has never been a better time to support our fellow Aussies; so please, give with love so that we can support those who are not yet allowed to love freely enough to legally marry. Click here to go directly to their donation page, or follow the link from their Facebook post here.

UPDATE: As of 10pm they’ve reached $16,491! Can we get them over the line in time?


UPDATE: They’ve reached 18,193! 20 minutes to go!


UPDATE: Just $745 short of their $20,000 goal, Australian Marriage Equality has received an extention from their generous donor until 3am (midnight in Western Australia). Can they get there? Thanks to the generosity of the general public, I think that they can.



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