March In March Australia 2014: A national protest as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government


No matter how it happened or who is to blame, the sad reality is that we as a nation have been inflicted with a self-serving excuse for a government. The country has completely unravelled under the Abbott Government and until now, we’ve felt utterly powerless against his will.

Based on their belief in unchallengeable power, Abbott led his campaign with lies and scare-tactics. Now that they hold the reins, they have broken promises and systematically torn apart long-standing and successful policies as quickly as they possibly could. This frenzied attack on our own country has done nothing to benefit anyone other than the rich – those who need assistance least of all.

Standing against human rights, they’ve instructed our Naval forces to turn back the desperate and down-trodden with force, they’ve denied marriage equality and they’ve cut the already minimal benefits to the needy in every possible sector.

Determined to allow big-business to profit at any environmental cost, they’ve cut the ‘green tape’ by removing heritage listings to allow dredging and logging of our most precious and previously protected environmental resources.

They’ve denied clear science by being stubborn climate sceptics with what will be devastating consequences, reversed pre-election promises to fight whaling practices and, by being ignorant to their responsibilities, have destroyed international relations with Indonesia.

…and this is just SOME of what has been done since September 2013.

Australia has become a shell of what it once was and we, for the most part, are truly ashamed. We have fought for individual causes with our petitions and a form of independent media that is free from the restraints of owners such as the repulsive and repugnant, Rupert Murdoch.

We have been left with what feels like an insurmountable battle, but this has not stopped us from trying everything that we can. Now it is time for us to stand united using our loudest possible, most well-informed collective voice and march as one against the Abbott government.

March in March 2014 is an independent, national protest being held in a variety of locations across Australia. It has been organised by members of the concerned public and is not associated with any political party.


We are marching in peaceful protest as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government on the weekend of March 15/16th (Canberra on March 17th). You can view the current list of locations, dates and times (where available) here. Read more about why we are protesting here and check our our article in Independent Australia here.


March in March Australia has been organised by a specialist team of volunteers local to each area and a national administration of 7 people. Led by Tim Jones and Craig Batty, the national team includes people of all ages and backgrounds, from all across Australia; Candace Wirth, Margaret McMillan, Loz Lawrey, Chessy Collins and myself, Leesa Little.

Special thanks to Jan and Sally for everything they did to get these marches off the ground.

March in March is not sponsored by any organisation or party and is a uniquely grassroots movement. We have relied on the generous donations of the public to pay for each aspect of the 32 marches. Without the help of these donors, this simply would not have been possible. You can make a donation via our crowd-funding page here.


You can keep up to date with details of the march by ‘liking’ the official Facebook page and following us on Twitter at @MarchinMarchAus.

It’s time for us to prove that while the Abbott Government has refused to listen thus far, we do indeed have a voice.

I will be marching as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government in March 2014; will you?


  • March in March: Why we are protesting
  • March in March Australia: Times, dates and locations
  • March in March Australia on Facebook
  • March in March Australia on Twitter
  • March in March Australia’s website

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    45 thoughts on “March In March Australia 2014: A national protest as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government

      1. Nathan

        “Rhodes’ legacy specified four standards by which applicants were to be judged:

        Truth, courage, devotion to duty, sympathy for and protection of the weak, kindliness, unselfishness and fellowship;
        Moral force of character and instincts to lead, and to take an interest in one’s fellow beings.”

        Maybe they’ll revoke it.

        1. Reg L van Buuren

          Thanks Nathan,
          they dont need to rewoke the ideals of being a Rhodes Scolar
          just employ stricter requirements in whom they honour the award to !!!
          plus maybe employing a clause as to them being allowed to strip a recepient
          of the award when they have dishonoured the principles.
          one can only hope, esp. when it is affecting a whole country !!!

    1. ThePoliticalVagina

      Reblogged this on thepoliticalvagina and commented:
      Leesa Little has done my work for me.
      This is the protest march I have gotten involved for my home town recently via Facebook.
      Thank you Leesa!
      This gives me time to write my take on March in March.
      This is what we’re all about folks.

      1. Jason

        Answer: They were not sending the country broke at all.
        This is Abbotts propaganda. The same theme that Howard used to introduce hatefull attacks on the workers.
        Delete taxes from Big Business and attack the the hard-working taxpaying backbone of the country. Now Abbott has introduced “workchoices by stealth” with more privatisation. Sound familiar?
        He will give us the “recession we don’t have to have”.

    2. Jock

      I would like more details about march in march especially Port Macquarie and dates but appears this can only be obtained through facebook and I refuse to join. There are many like me who don’t use facebook or twitter or don’t have a mobile because their is no reception in our area. Can you put more detail on internet please.

      1. leesalittle Post author

        Hi Jock.

        If you follow this link (, you can be assured that it will be updated as new information emerges. You can also visit the official site at

        The details for Port Macquarie are:

        Windmill Hill
        Sunday, March 16, 2014, 9:30am – 11:30am

        Keep an eye out on the links above and you’ll be able to view any and all information that is put on Facebook without having to sign up.

    3. David

      Good luck with your march but just remember that +/-50% of the Australian population voted for the Abbott government and we all still believe Tony is doing an exceptionally great job for this great country. I know it is somewhat meaningless posting this on this forum but that is my opinion and I believe the opinion of many more Australians.

      1. Punita Boardman

        The LNP got the vote by a slim margin David. Many who voted for them feel duped because of all the broken promises and lies… This government is making us the laughing stock of the world by imposing its radical, old fashioned agenda. It’s very bad for ordinary Australians. I expect many who voted for the LIBS and NATS will join us in March in March as they feel most misled.

      2. Tegan Northwood

        So I presume that you and around 50% of Australian’s don’t give a **** about our country’s forests (being DE-listed from World Heritage), the Barrier Reef, the reality of climate change, any kind of environmental protections, education, healthcare – REALLY? Are you really that apathetic about anything beyond an urban small business lifestyle? How is that an ‘exceptionally great job’?? (Not even mentioning the NBN, the ABC, SBS, refugees, disability supports, etc etc etc)

      3. cuppa

        The Abbott government has been a disgrace. For example, getting rid of the Science ministry, what a backward move. Excluding women from the Cabinet. Attacking the ABC. Dismantling climate change bodies. Kicking the poor, sucking up to the rich. They are building nothing and doing nothing positive. Unemployment is going up, inflation is the highest for many years. The cost of living is out of hand. Despite their scare stories before the election about a debt crisis they are continuing to borrow money. In fact they removed the cap on government borrowing put in place by Labor to keep debt to a manageable level. And their lies, for example their lie about committing to the education funding arrangements (“Gonski”). They are threatening Medicare, they have trashed relations with our neighbours. Abbott went on the world stage the other week, making a dumb speech more befitting a rural mayor on a junket. With the help of the media they make us look like racist hillbillies. It’s a wrecking ball, not a government.

    4. Jock

      Thank you leesalittle for the Port Mac. info.
      In answer to David, politics is about stating your case (hopefully truthfully) and trying to persuade the voters that is the best option. Just as the “ditch the witch” anti carbon tax rallies tried to persuade the voters one way it is free to others to express their dismay at the current government. The vote at the last election is irrelevant to the situation today. As the polls indicate people change their minds (and frequently).

    5. Debbie Waldron

      I agree wholeheartedly with the concept of the march. However, by mentioning and targeting the Abbot government, you will get a lot of people off-side (including my husband, who hates all government policies so much we have been considering abandoning our beautiful land as it becomes less and less livable the more we are controlled). Please, please, please – do NOT even mention any particular government – they are ALL culpable for ignoring health, education and the disadvantaged – for creating controlling laws which erode our rights as human beings, and for allowing corporations to rule our country by standing by and doing NOTHING while they continue to extort money from all of us. ALL GOVERNMENTS ARE GUILTY – this is the message we need to get across. and all of you have forgotten the most obvious power of the people – voting. Don’t not vote – but DO vote informal. If we ALL did this they would have to dissolve the present government/parties as they stand AND ask the people who they want as politicians. For the last 4-5 state and federal elections, I have put “I cannot in all conscience vote for anybody” and placed that in the ballot box. Think about it.

    6. Lynne Monday

      I’m not sure what time to go to Belmore Park (near Central?) to join the march, also, is it on the 16th or 17th of March? I think those details need to be made a bit clearer to encourage people to attend.

      1. leesalittle Post author

        Hi Lynne, the Sydney March is at Belmore Park, Hay Street on
        Sunday March 16th at 1:00pm

        All of the marches are currently sorting out the council permissions so times/locations may either be unconfirmed as of yet or (worst case scenario), may have changed. Though, Sydney has remained the same. Cheers:)

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    17. Alison Thompson

      We need publicity. Get it out there. Too many people don’t know about the march. Not everyone is on facebook!

      1. steve

        The publicity has been hopeless. I’ve only just found out about this 10 minutes before the local march in Lismore NSW. I don’t do Faecesbook. I can’t stand Abbott but the thought of mingling with the CSG hippy robots is enough to stop me going. I can smell the patchouli from here!

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    21. kevin

      Im sure this mob would be really happy to dump the Age pension altogether… They are attacking pensioners already small benefits, and upping benefits to the rich. Hitting at our super to pay for their own already too generous schemes. The don’t really care for the country, the so called surplus is the target at any cost to the working public… Tens of thousands of jobs gone already… Don’t they realise that if they create jobs by backing businesses that it will mean more tax and will probably regain their beloved surplus sooner. they are so anti anything Labor that they will spend hundred of millions to destroy them… Truth and honesty mean nothing to them… Australia is rolling towards becoming a third world country, unable to even defend itself .

    22. Old MacDonald

      You people are unbelievable, propaganda artists at your best, you are all just spreading absolute rubbish, name 1 promise that Abbot has broken, please just 1 that has actually passed through parliament, everything that is supposedly broken hasn’t and probably will never happen, I see someone talking about the Libs wrecking the Great Barrier Reef, are you an ostrich? the Labor government had given the go ahead for everything that is currently happening but ensured it was kept a secret before the election now you blame the Libs for it, comedy gold, are the reserve bank on the Libs side? Because if you had just the slightest bit of brain in your head you would realise that low interest rates mean we are in trouble, and if you actually draw a graph of unemployment over the last couple of decades you see it rises every time Labor is put in to power and stays that way until about 1 year in to the Libs term then they turn it around and repeat cycle, this government were voted in after the previous rubbish was thrown out where it belongs, don’t like democracy go and live in a communist country, I’m not sure if you are all comedians or just delusional……….

    23. Jenni

      Reblogged this on Unload and Unwind and commented:
      Following on from previous posts regarding the Abbott government I am proud to say that Australians across this country are leaving the fence and joining the fight. This is the first time a march in every state and every capital city has drawn the support of so many. It is a national vote of No Confidence in our government and an accusation that they have failed to govern in accordance to those who elected them. So yay us!!!! So I will see you fellow Aussies on 16 March.

    24. nikkiharvey

      This is all since September? I heard the government over there was being a bit stupid but I didn’t realise it was this bad :/


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