March in March Australia 2014: What Are YOU Marching For?


March in March is a national protest as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government’s policies. This is an open idea that umbrellas a vast collection of the public’s concerns and issues with the current government’s actions and policies.

The unfortunate reality for Australians is that there are too many critical issues to name, despite all of our efforts to do so. It is because of this that supporters are invited to march for the individual causes that are important to them and to make these issues known.

We are agreed that we are marching for three primary ideals; accountability, transparency and decency. It is under these ideals that our individual concerns fall. So for us to march with focus on accountability, transparency and decency from and within our Government, we are marching in a way that is entirely inclusive of all of our individual concerns.

Please let us know what you will be marching for this coming March 2014 by voting in the poll below. You may select as many options as you would like and choose with your heart, mind or both. Please post a comment with an issue if it has not been included and it will be added to the poll.

The results will give us a clear indication as to which issues are most important to Australians and will assist in providing an entirely accurate representation of supporters’ concerns.



6 thoughts on “March in March Australia 2014: What Are YOU Marching For?

    1. halsaul

      I agree with T.McNaughton – Decisions made by this gov. are not in the interests of Australians’ future & destroying the irreplaceable natural environment is stupid.Climate change & green energy should be embraced & supported as they will provide future jobs and prosperity.Gonski NBN NDIS crucial to creating a good, stable society.

      1. Sabine

        None of the policies are for the people.. but for the world agenda and if we are not careful we will face the same laws as they are sneakily bringing in in the US… and they are.. look the biker’s law as it is “fondly called” There are no more leaders of the future who will not do the bidding as is done now.. A new system has to be set in place.. lets face it.. the baker will still bake bread even if there is no Prime Minister… the butcher will still supply and so will the farmers.. but community can become strong again and people can help people.. As for climate change.. that is happening naturally but they do cash in on it.. Look at the core sample readings taken.. they show that this change is a normal occurrence. We can have a stable country and also improve on unemployment but not how they do it 😦 There is noone really there that can get any vote of confidence.. its up to the people to change things.

  1. Joe O'Grady

    Most of the reasons that I’m marching are listed but also, as a small business owner/operator, another major reason is: drastically reducing tax breaks for small business and failing to publicise the move.


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