Offensive propaganda allegedly pushed by Liberal MP at Edith Cowan University

Image credit: Aussies Against The Abbott Government

“Proud Liberal – Because not everyone can be on welfare”
“If Labor is the answer, how stupid is the question?”
“Green is the new red”
“Lefty free zone”

These have to be seen to be believed. Earlier this evening, it was revealed that students at Edith Cowan University (Joondalup campus) were handing out these stickers at their Orientation Day today.

Image credit: Aussies Against The Abbott Government

It should come as no surprise that these images of offensive Liberal stickers were making the rounds online tonight, prompting both public outrage and feelings of shame towards the young Australians who handed them out. What was not expected however, was who exactly now seems to be the source of this offensive muck; Federal Liberal MP, Ian Goodenough. The extent of his involvement is not certain, though to stand behind these stickers is enough.

Image source:

Students, along with the local member for Moore, did their best to promote hatred towards those who aren’t Liberals and those who are disabled, unemployed, aged, a carer or on Newstart (as many students at Orientation would have been) with the attitude, “Go Liberal or go home”.

Image credit: Aussies Against The Abbott Government

As generally decent human beings, we are able to identify the maliciousness behind these stickers and are well-aware to steer clear of such rubbish. It is unfortunate however, that we are still witnessing that the very same hate-mongering that won the LNP the election is alive and well, even amongst our youth.

It’s safe to say that Goodenough, this is just not good enough. Trying to warp young minds – while typical of LNP – should not be a tactic undertaken by any politician, especially at a university Orientation Day.


7 thoughts on “Offensive propaganda allegedly pushed by Liberal MP at Edith Cowan University

  1. Monica (@TheBigMeeow)

    Mr (not)Goodenough is my federal MP. I sent him a letter yesterday protesting the treatment of asylum seekers by the Australian Government. Now I’m thinking it’s time to rally at his Joondalup office to express to him in person my disgust for his actions.

    I sure as hell didn’t vote for him.

  2. Kathryn Lai

    Appalling juvenile and ignorant behaviour by a Liberal Party representative – enough I would think to disqualify the offender from membership of any political party, even the Liberals.

  3. mark

    funny he would post these signs in the same week Abbott does a flying rural visit to promote the dole and other welfare cash grabs for his party faithful the “graziers”.

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  5. Expect Us!

    maybe Not goodenough should go back to fucking ching chong land where he belongs let me guess he was an Illegal Immigrant!

  6. Offended

    “Expect Us” – you’ve completely undermined all of the sensible criticism of Mr Goodenough with your childish, offensive, racist comments. Ironically, the very sentiments you’ve expressed is what the LNP exploits to get racists like you to vote them into office.


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