Tara Moss reveals disturbing details about the murder on Manus


Journalist, author, television presenter and former model Tara Moss, has today revealed information she received from a contact of hers who, in a disturbing turn of events, can no longer be reached for confirmation that he is okay.

In a chilling re-telling of Reza Berati’s final moments, she describes what was told to her shortly after it occurred. Maintaining her decency and integrity, she first waited for confirmation of the details before speaking out:

“I have been struggling with the ethics of sharing this information, but now, as the info I was given has been corroborated elsewhere, I feel I must: One of my long standing crime research contacts informed me of what happened on Manus Island, shortly after it happened. He is currently stationed there and worked on the now deceased Mr Reza Berati for 20 minutes before he passed. He described Mr Berati as an ‘exemplary human being’ showing ‘all the hallmarks’ of someone who would be ‘an asset to any community’. My contact, who wished to remain anonymous because they all sign confidentiality contracts, gave me a full run down on the events, before the details became public: the ’20+ shots fired’ (not ‘a couple’ as previously claimed). The spent shells. The evacuation of staff (but not asylum seekers) before the violence began. The fact that people from outside came in and opened fire on the people there. The fact that it happened deep within the compound where people were trapped, far from the entry gate. All of his info has proved true so far. Every last detail. And though he is stationed there, and can’t speak publicly, he wanted me to know that many of the staff there are excellent, highly-qualified expat Australians doing the best they can in bad conditions, but that Manus Island detention centre should be shut down as unsafe. Since this conversation, my contact has been unreachable and I have not been able to get any further info or to find out if he is okay.”
From Tara Moss’ Facebook page

Reza Berati’s death was a tragedy and the lack of media coverage is disturbing. Thanks to individuals who have been brave enough to reveal such details as above – we would know near to nothing factual otherwise.

To those who were injured and intimidated during the Manus attacks and to those still detained for simply seeking asylum, we will continue to fight for your rights and immediate safety.

To Reza, we will fight for justice. We’re so sorry that this was allowed to happen to you.

Tara Moss has since posted a statement on her website, taramoss.com with links to corroborate her entire original statement. You can read this in full here.

Manus Island guards allowed armed locals into the centre to attack asylum seekers
March in March Australia against the Abbott Government
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26 thoughts on “Tara Moss reveals disturbing details about the murder on Manus

  1. Marilyn

    Those ridiculous agreements have no legal basis, Ruddock tried to make the Woomera lawyers sign them before they could enter Woomera, they took it to court and the Federal court judge threw it out as garbage.

    They seriously just like the big bucks attached to these jobs or they would not take them.

  2. Glenn

    Equally, if not more disturbing is the lack of media coverage of the two police officers who allegedly raped that poor woman in Mackay recently. Out on bail with full pay? They are joking right?

    If convicted, then all the right boxes have been ticked to declare the Qld Police service a criminal organisation under Newmans new draconian VLAD laws.

    Yet strangely, no one seems to care…

  3. hermione

    so wait, was his head stomped on numerous times (as was reported at the vigil held in Sydney)or was he shot? did all the guards open fire on unarmed people or did one murderous individual enact an heinous crime with dire repercussions that reflect on not just fellow guards but all of Australia’s treatment of refugees? as usual, methinks there is misreporting on all sides to support their agendas, even noble agendas lose a certain credibility when there is propaganda and scare mongering involved as their greatest tactic. We all have our own truths, but surely there must be some facts (you know, like gravity) that can’t be disputed. Abbott, I ask and pray that you respect your people enough to just give us the facts, the rest we can do for ourselves.

    1. Jack Tower

      There is no claim here that Mr Berati was shot. He was stomped to death and shots were also fired. The two claims do not contradict each other.

      It would be helpful if the Government confirmed the facts rather than let them leak out, and perhaps even take responsibility and show some leadership on the issue.

    2. sherylgwyther

      Whatever method was used to murder this man, we can’t escape the fact that Reza Berati was in a detention centre that was under Australian protection. All of us are culpable if we don’t protest against the lack of human rights and decency in these places.

  4. Peter Rice

    RIP Reza Berati.. but honestly, this event is the reaper face of a corporatist state which allows refugees to be treated like prisoners, in camps run by corporations which make money operating private prisons. Abbott, Morrison and all Liberal voters have blood on their hands. On the same note the ALP in this case are simply lucky to now be in opposition, but their corporatist approach to running the Australian state (and not less than the facility at Manus Island) is no better. Shame on all involved in setting up Manus Island the way it is, for their filthy discompassionate treatment of some of the planet’s most vulnerable human beings.

  5. Tara Moss (@Tara_Moss)

    The information in this breaking ABC report (below) is consistent with the information given to me by my anonymous contact at Manus Island. Expat G4S guards appear to have tried to calm the situation, while PNG G4S allegedly fired shots in the compound and fought and assaulted asylum seekers along with a number of PNG locals who reportedly entered the area with makeshift weapons to attack the people in the compound:

    ‘The expatriate guards reportedly stayed out of the violence for the most part, trying to calm the situation and overseeing operations.’

    ‘Some of the asylum seekers who tried to escape the violence by hiding in a gym were dragged out and brought brutally assaulted.’


    1. leesalittle Post author

      Thank you so sincerely, Tara.

      Thank you for bravely bringing these details to our attention in the first place, thank you to your contact and thank you for the follow-up information.

    2. sherylgwyther

      I echo the words of others, Tara. Thank you for adding your exposure of the situation in Manus Island and its terrible consequences. When well-known people add their voices to the rest of us (who are put down for doing so with derogatory words like ‘bleeding-hearts’ or ‘lefties’), the more the sheep in our communities will listen. Thank you!

    3. kerry

      Tara – You are a lovely person and have made an outstanding contribution to this country.
      But the immigration of tens of thousands of muslim males is an inbalance and is already
      proving damaging to our community.I have counted over 30 serious sexual assaults
      perpetrated by male asylum seekers from muslim countries.These are not mere cultural
      misunderstandings but in some cases violent attacks on innocent Australian females.

      The influx of boat people could not have continued the way it did under Labor’s watch.
      We are a generous nation with a re-settlement policy that allows 13,750+ people come to
      Australia.This is a sustainable number and is a sensible orderly approach.

      This death on Manus is regrettable,but violence and demands from men who seem to
      think they have an entitlement to be brought to our shores is not acceptable.

      1. Jo

        Not entirely sure its the right thing to judge the 13,750 immigrants a year on the acts of the 30 mentioned.
        Over a hundred (convicted) sexual offences perpetrated by Catholic Priests alone, against minors, in Australia, how many from followers of the Catholic (or other major) religions? These are not mere cultural misunderstandings either, but in some cases violent attacks on innocent Australian females, males, and children.
        Violence and sexual offences from men who seem to think they have an entitlement to do what they like on ANY basis, and as respected member of the community is not acceptable.

  6. Chris

    The more I hear about the events surrounding this poor boysdeath the more ddisturbed I become. All this secrecy and censorship is more usually associated with despotic regimes than democraticly elected governments, these are things we have in the past chided and lectured other governments for. But with this government we have lost the rright to do so.
    The supporters of this government rant and rave about the sad loss of life under Labor but will not even mention the sad loss of life under the last Liberal government. Whilst I believe both governments refugee policies are bad, at least the Labor government had not tried to censor the information about these events or attempted to raise the level of rancor and hatred of this and other groups like pensioners, the disabled, low paid workers and unions. This is purely to provide justification for their current and future actions.

  7. Christina Booth

    Thank you Tara, for speaking out and sharing.
    I hope and pray your contact is safe and well and that you hear from them soon. This situation is only going to get worse if the government insists on trying to cover it up, hide the facts and not be open with the truth. Speculation creeps in very fast and we fill in the gaps and though it is a really bad situation, it will be even worse as the two, truth and speculation, merge and cannot be untangled. The 7:30 Report last night showed video and reported on how these people were attacked and this government should step down as the guilty party. This is not acceptable, we are like Hitler’s Germany. How sad that people (the press, the workers, the local people of PNG) have to act in fear of consequences because they want to speak the truth. How sad that the terms ‘do-gooder’ (one who tries to do good things) and ‘bleeding hearts’ (those who feel and empathise with those who suffer and want to help) have become words of disrespect and bullying. Yet racism is suddenly acceptable. When those who lead a country set the bench mark of behaviour then the country will follow. It seems this government has given permission for the scum and filth to rise to the top and be justified in their racism and horror. I have had people write to me (and blocked me from being able to reply!) with horrible suggestions, photos that make you sick and the recommendation I move to Iraq or Afghanistan, simple because I take an openly humanitarian stance. Why is Australia so threatened with the truth, with compassion and with the potential to do good! Praying for you Tara and all who take a stance against the evil actions of this government. Thank you.

  8. Elizabeth

    Thank you for being brave enough to share this Tara.

    I pray that your colleague has come to no harm and will make contact soon.

    This entire situation is apalling. Please keep us posted when you know he is okay

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  10. C@tmomma

    I’d say you can’t reach your contact because the last time a riot occurred on Nauru all mobile phone and internet access was restricted for 3 months. These are the actions of a barbarous regime to be sure.

    This is an old criticism but a good one and I have just changed the name: Tony Abbott is a self-exalted tyrant. To which you could easily add Scott Morrison’s name.

  11. Samyasin

    2014, Australian responsibility, people let loose to shoot into crowds of unarmed civilians. I can’t get my head around it.

  12. bryan scandrett

    “He is currently stationed there and worked on the now deceased Mr Reza Berati for 20 minutes before he passed.”
    Doesn’t this finger the contact?

  13. Sharon

    R.I.P Mr Berati, I find it appalling that Australia is now being ruled by a brutal dictatorship fed by racist comments that don’t help anyone.
    There is a simple and more humane solution here – resettle all those found to be genuine refugees languishing in the concentration camps NOW, maintain the tow back of boats to Indonesia to discourage the unsafe practice of coming here by boat, and significantly increase the number of genuine refugees currently waiting (and dying) in refugee camps who have fled violence.
    I am in favour of taking as many refugees from camps as we could resettle on the condition if they ever commit a serious crime, they will be sent back to their country.
    We would ask that they assimilate, learn the language and embrace their new country as we would embrace them.
    I would also suggest the ‘racist” element in this country take a look at the English who make up nearly half of our citizenships every year. They openly admit to coming here for the required time, getting citizenship, then many go back home with duel citizenship and a double pension for life. Oh wait, they have white skin so it doesn’t count…right?
    While focusing on the racist highly political point scoring element of immigration you are all failing to see the real problems.

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