WARNING TO WA VOTERS: Liberal Party’s return address envelope for postal vote application is NOT addressed to the AEC


Western Australia is set to return to the ballot-box after their Senate election was deemed void. The usual slew of party letters has been noted by WA locals, but what has confused some is why exactly the Liberal Party opted to have their own address on the return envelope for postal vote registration, rather than the independent body – the AEC.

The Facebook page, Tony Abbott’s Lies and other Liberal Promises was provided with scanned images of what had been sent to WA residents from the Liberal Party and has kindly passed them on. What was of concern was that the return address envelopes are addressed to the Liberal Party, not the AEC.


The actual AEC address is enclosed inside the leaflet, meaning it is more likely that people would simply use the return envelope.

While this is completely legal, and has probably been practised by other parties, it is of concern that the system relies on ‘trust’ that the Liberal Party will handle the forms in the appropriate way and forward them on to the AEC.

The LNP letter that was enclosed with the postal vote registration form.

It has been suggested that in this scenario, because the Liberal Party will then know your intention not to attend and vote on the day, they could enlist ‘stooge’ voters to use your name and address to vote for the Liberals at the polling booths – perhaps multiple times.

The question of whether or not this is possible is easy to determine – we know that multiple votes were allowed in the most recent Federal election, with nearly 2000 Australians caught and with one even admitting to having cast 15 votes. What we want to know is whether or not something been done to prevent history repeating – have they taken measures to disallow this disaster from happening again?

Be careful how you return your postal vote registration forms. Make sure to address them to the AEC directly or simply save yourself the hassle and complete this process online on the AEC website.

If you wish to contact the WA Electoral Commission about this, you can contact them at:

13 63 06 (WA)
(08) 9214 0400 (Australia-wide)
Facsimile: (08) 9226 0577
Email: waec@waec.wa.gov.au


15 thoughts on “WARNING TO WA VOTERS: Liberal Party’s return address envelope for postal vote application is NOT addressed to the AEC

  1. hannahquinn

    Reblogged this on The Kettle Press and commented:
    This is never a good idea and should never be allowed. All votes should/must go to the AEC only, with security, until counted and checked. Never, never in a democratic system, should votes go directly, via post or any other way, directly to any party. This must be dealt with before the WA Senate re-vote; and it must apply to all elections across Australia from herein. This is outrageous, undemocratic and extraordinarily dangerous.

  2. Jan Richardson

    This package from the Liberal party is clearly a SCAM! They are hoping to gain personal information and voting applications from unsuspecting voters who use the prepaid ‘return’ envelope. Not only can they destroy any application which is not in their favour, but they DO have names and details of people who will not turn up at polling booths. in other words, the Liberal Party is guilty of FRAUD!

  3. drchristo

    It actually is a common practice all over Australia by most parties.
    Not necessarily sinister.
    You have responded to an offer usually made with a party brochure or an ad making one aware that you may be entitled to lodge a postal for the application form to come from that source.
    Remember this is for an application, not the actual vote you might place.
    The voting papers will come from the AEC direct to you and must be filled and returned, witnessed to the correct address.
    The party that organised it may get your details such as address and will probably flood your letterbox with reasons why their candidate is the bees knees, but how, who for, or if you vote is your little secret.

    1. susy

      What was sent is Postal Vote application form, this form tells you that it can be completed online at http://www.aec.gov.au. The instructions are 1 to 4, saying read, fill out one of them (two joined together) sign and date, place form in the ENCLOSED REPLY PAID ENVELOPE and post. This reply paid envelope that was enclosed is not to AEC address. There was NO other form or brochure apart from the letter sent to voters from the liberal party, the letter does not explain or ask for anyone to return anything, but at the bottom of the the letter it says “enclosed is a postal vote application form should you be unable to vote on polling day”, nothing else is enclosed. To most this is ‘sinister’.

      1. drchristo

        So how did you come to have the form?
        Who did you ask for it?
        Or has every voter been sent one by the libs?
        It’s still only an application for a postal vote, not a vote.

    2. Monicas wckd stpmthr (@Monicas_WS)

      The major political parties have extensive databases – they record letters to the editor, correspondence to your local member / Senator etc. They KNOW if you are are likely to vote for them, or if you are a rusted-on voter for their opponents. Providing them with another piece of information (your application for a postal vote) is unnecessary. They should not be handling completed postal vote applications – it is unnecessary, the double handling may lead to the loss of the application, and most importantly, a breach of privacy.

  4. PaulBKal

    All political parties do it – it’s called a postal vote campaign. It enables the party to send their how to vote card to arrive in the same mail (or near to it) as the postal voting ballot papers. The Liberal Party is brilliant at it and this is why they usually win the close votes that depend on postal votes. Well, that and the fact their voters are often more motivated to vote for them.

  5. Monicas wckd stpmthr (@Monicas_WS)

    I’ve received an identical letter (with the same reply-paid envelope) – so I suspect it has been sent to everybody on the WA electoral roll. What concerns me is that the Liberal Party probably know how I am going to vote (or at the least, know I won’t be voting for them). How easy would it be to “lose” my postal vote application? Meaning, that I may not remember to vote either in advance or on the day, but be waiting for my postal voting form to arrive in the mail.

    If the Government (through politicians’ postal allowance) is going to pay to send a postal vote application form to every person on the roll, why can’t the AEC send the forms out directly? The obvious answer – because politicians make the laws! It MUST be in their interests to do it this way – and that worries me.

    The obvious solution – let the AEC send out the postal vote applications – but I doubt that will get enacted into law.

  6. Monicas wckd stpmthr (@Monicas_WS)

    Here is more information about this practice, and the statement that:
    “You’ve just dealt with a political party that is harvesting your personal details for its database.

    “You’ve just told the Liberal Party or the Labor Party your name, date of birth, mobile phone number, email address, enrolled address, postal address, where you were born and who your first employer was, and you’ve given the party your signature.”


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  8. Ben Wilson

    I think we can trust most parties to do the right thing, but with how incredibly corrupt the LNP is it would be folly to trust them with your postal vote, they’ve already done shady underhanded things here.

    1. Dell

      If you read it it says it is an application for a postal vote. When you get the actual postal vote it has to be posted to the electoral commission. They have there own envelope addressed to the electoral commission.


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