Tony Abbott gets ‘schooled’ by school kids


It’s a situation that is so pathetic that it comes to the point where you just have to laugh – a country’s Prime Minister at the mercy of a group of year nine school students who have absolutely outsmarted him.

The unfortunate state that this country is in is thanks to the woefully shameful Federal election result last September. I, like many others, often wonder how this actually came to pass. Was it misinformation? Was it the simplicity of those hideous three-word slogans? Regardless of how voters were fooled, it has become clear that many regret this decision. What is of embarrassment but some strange comfort is that others see what we see – the incompetence of our PM is obvious to most respectable people from leaders and experts internationally, to what now seems like the vast majority of forward-thinking Australians. Though had we ever considered what our upcoming voters, our Australian youth are thinking?

During a recent excursion, students of Newtown High School questioned one of the most questionable characters in Australian history – the current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. This 9:49 minute video, captured by one of the year nine students is possibly one of the most conflicting pieces of film that you’ll ever see. You’ll be embarrassed by the blatant stupidity of our PM but you’ll be filled with hope by the intelligence and open-mindedness of the youth who represent Australia’s future.

Do yourself a favour and watch the entire clip. These students do well to inspire a sense of relief during this horrid time in our country’s timeline.

UPDATE: These incredible students attended March in March!



58 thoughts on “Tony Abbott gets ‘schooled’ by school kids

  1. Pam

    What a tool is Abbott. These grade 9’ers are more on the ball, that the PM of Australia. That is sad.. Kids out smarting the leader of a country// Okay what’s next?

  2. Ford Prefect

    Equally sad is that those kids have done a better job of questioning the PM than the press gallery .

  3. Shayne Johnston

    i don’t see a bunch of year nine students schooling the pm i see a bunch of obnoxious brats trying to embarrass the poor guy, im embarrassed for the school these kids come from and the fact the teachers obviously agree and letting the kids run riot with the pre applause and shouting, looks more like an ambush, id say cheers for coming out of his office, i dont agree with everything he does but i don’t think its a right that kids can treat the pm this way have some respect

    1. Julian

      Shane, he deserves to be embarrassed. That’s getting off lightly.
      He ambushes, lies manipulates media. They all do. From both sides.
      No PM deserves ‘respect’ just because of their title. Like everyone else, they have to earn it.

      1. Shayne Johnston

        julian so its ok that we teach our kids marshal law, its OK because he deserved it, thats the same as bulling, i dont agree with all his party’s policies i think a lot stink especially their stance of gay marriage, but teaching kids that it ok because he deserves it is like saying i bashed that guy because he deserved it,

      2. Julian

        Please Shane. Marshall law? Come on. Grab your pitchforks!
        What these kids did was not illegal, bashing someone is. Compare apples with apples.
        They may have been a little cheeky, but they are year 9 students. They don’t come much cheekier :-). They are immature, but intelligent. That’s exactly what year 9s are. What else would you expect?
        And if any politician can’t handle that, well what do you expect. He selectively faces only the ppl who will nod their heads in agreement?!
        Look, good on him for facing it. But really, its his job, and he should handle it….

    2. Marcus

      Aww, poor little diddums. If he can’t handle the tough questions, then he shouldn’t have put his hand up for the top job. He has copped far less than what Gillard had to endure-for *three long years*, largely from an opposition who behaved far worse than a bunch of primary school children. The questions these children asked are exactly what our *media* should be asking him every single day. I think you have a little man-crush on Abbort, which is why you’re so keen to defend his “honour”.

    3. Deb

      If you listen to the full video, towards the end you hear one of the children telling someone else that he walked in on their excursion to have his photo taken with them. At the beginning he says he will take 3 questions then a photo but when it got too hard he walked off without the photo that he intended in the first place.

      Hardly an ambush by the students. I would describe it as Abbott seeing an opportunity to promote himself with a photo with students that has backfired.

      By the way, I don’t think politicians of any type should be using children, particularly very young ones, for photo opportunities but that’s another discussion.

    4. gay o'connor

      I couldn’t see any harassment – I saw kids asking questions that they felt really strongly about. That’s harassment????? And they didn’t really get an answer!

      1. Shayne Johnston

        i most certainly did, no one should have a sandwich thrown at them im not a party person im a who ever is best for the job, the blatant disrespect and harassment of Gillard was just as bad, and that’s why respect is a big thing, without it no one will care for authority and our country will be just as bad as some of those in third world

    5. stella

      The PM does not deserve any respect. He is not smarter than the ninth graders! Be very proud of the Newtown High Students!

    6. Barbara Smith

      We live in Australia Shayne. We are allowed to express what we think. This is not Nazi Germany. No wonder Abbot has spent 4 billion dollars on planes to protect us from asylum seekers but wants to cut funding from education. Even School children can see he is an idiot. Proud of these kids whoever thry are. Not so proud of you.

    7. Chloe

      How were they being disrespectful? They were simply asking him some questions that are huge topic of conversation at the current moment? These kid waited there turn to ask questions, they spoke nicely to him and didn’t ridicule him. The students were cheering because they were happy that one of their fellow peers got to ask the questions that are on everyones mind! I see a a middle age man who stubbles and cant even answer some simple questions from a bunch of 14 year olds.

    8. Anonymous

      The questions that the kids are asking are legitimate questions that need to be addressed properly by the government. If they really wanted to, the government could find simple solutions to all the questions that those kids asked, and is legalising gay marriage really going to hurt anyone? I say good job to the kids, for showing Australia just what a fool we have voted in to lead us.

    9. Paul

      Shane, so you’re suggesting that if not being able to adequately answer their questions was embarrassing for him, they therefore shouldn’t have asked the questions? It’s not like they abused him or asked him how many times a day he takes a dump; these were valid, topical questions relevant to current day Australian affairs. If asking our PM to answer such questions is ‘inappropriate’ then what is? And in terms of them ‘not showing respect’; quite frankly, these kids were less obnoxious, politer and better behaved than a lot of MP’s during Parliament Question Time (who are under a far greater onus to behave professionally than these kids are).

      1. Piper

        As I tell my students, there is a TIME, and PLACE, and METHOD, to questioning authority. And the kids who were actually doing the asking were doing it well (method). It was the children who were whooping and carrying on that were being rude. If I was their teacher, I would have congratulated the kids who asked the PM such appropriate, well-constructed and obviously well-thought questions – but the ones who carried on like a it was game show would have had that behaviour nipped in the bud.

  4. Dave de Vries

    Full points to TA for having a go. But he didn’t actually answer the questions. Just listen again. He uses all the usual avoidance techniques, ie.: Asking questions with questions; Offering personal opinions rather than a reasoned argument (where he presents the alternatives and explains why one is preferable); or simply not responding. (And the kids called him on it too.) To my mind there was only one occasion when the Prime Minister seriously attempted to tackle the “why” in the question, and that was to do with asylum seekers. And on that occasion he sent a mixed signal. At first the reason he offered was because “we” wanted to stop drownings at sea. Then the reason shifted to it being because last July were were being overrun by people seeking a better economic lifestyle. I doubt that he converted one child to his cause or inspired a single mind to consider an alternative position. Which, might I add, most inspirational speakers addressing children of that age can usually accomplish. (Imagine Malcolm Turnbull in the same circumstance.) And this is the leader of our country.

    1. Marcus

      No, Dave, having a go is fronting up to not one-but two-hour long press conferences in relation to a 13 year old non-scandal relating to the AWU. Having a go is rocking up on Q&A, alone, on two seperate occasions. Having a go was sticking with the job when parts of the commentariat were suggesting such fates as being drowned, kicked to death, having their throat slit-just to name a few. All of these things are what Gillard endured, all whilst retaining her dignity & composure. Compared to her, Abbort has had an absolute dream run. He’s a coward who doesn’t deserve the top job, & this incident just further proves it.

      1. hi2lea

        Good on you Marcus. I was appalled at the way Julia Gillard was treated by everyone. As you said, she always maintained her dignity no matter what people threw at her. I think the criticism that upset me the most was from our so called mother of feminism, Germaine Greer having a go at her on Q&A for having a big bum and not wearing clothes that suited her. A feminist couldn’t even be in her court! I am amazed every day that we haven’t got Bill Shorten on TV dissing Abbott’s simplistic slogans and letting him get away with his destroying the country, where are the oppositon. Of course, Murdoch owns all the media in this country, so maybe he isn’t getting a look in, but it would be great to get some debate and get someone to stop him. Where is the governor general when you need them? They certainly got rid of Gough Whitlam fast enough, why can’t Abbott’s government be dismissed in the same way. So many industries shutting down, people losing jobs, asylum seekers being tortured etc. etc. Sorry, I could go on forever, I am so angry.

  5. Thomas

    I think the kids behavior is pretty poor detracts from Abbotts ineptness – if they been moderately well behaved it would have made a much bigger statement, but I can’t help but think what little sh*ts they were in the face of the opportunity to meet and talk with the Prime Minster.

    Questions were great sure, we all know Tony is a proper peanut, but if the same kind of behavior was shown to Julia two years ago and she answered the questions with poise and pose I’d be disappointed with the behavior of kids today and a lack of general respect displayed.

    How many kids get the opportunity to meet with the PM? They made their questions count, but they let themselves down by not treating the PM to a general level of respect one should offer any adult.

    1. Jill

      Thomas why should our kids show respect to ANY adult? Not every adult deserves their respect. If i remember correctly Julia Gillard had sandwiches thrown at her by school kids when she was PM. So where was the respect then. At that time all they saw was disrespect from the LNP and that behavior changed our politics forever. If you look back you will see this all began when Abbott became Opposition leader. He is a vile man who deserves no respect. He cheated and lied his was to the top with help from the media.

      1. Marcus

        Indeed, I don’t recall any of the Abbott cheerleaders attacking the “vegemite sandwich kid”. Indeed, the kid received praise from the Abbott boosters at the time. Of course the former Opposition showed enormous disrespect for the former PM, as did their media mates. So what makes Abbott so much more deserving of rsspect? It isn’t like he has earned it.

    2. james

      Thomas are you kidding? the kids were awesome – they were enthusiastic that’s all! I have taught in many schools across 3 schooling systems and in some of the worst schools in the region. They were excited and caught up in the moment – they really showed an interest in the future and politics of our country when so many people criticise them for being lazy and dumb. I thought they behaved far batter than our politicians during question and answer time. You talk about their opportunity to meet with the PM but i say how many PM’s get to meet such switched on politically and socially aware students that care about our country so much. He was the one who was fortunate. You say that children today have a lack of disrespect – so what are you doing about it? do you volunteer at your local PCYC. Do you get involved with organisations that use adults to mentor kids socially from difficult backgrounds? if you did i believe that your perspective would be very different. Congratulations to these students – with time and maturity they will be excellent leaders for our country.

  6. PJ

    I wanted the entire thing, I don’t see him getting schooled either. The kids were a little rude at times, but they are kids and he answered the questions well (although I think he’s a bit robotic in his manner).

    The carbon tax will not reduce emissions, that’s the answer. Making things more expensive, will not reduce emissions.

    He’s against Gay Marriage, because he’s Catholic. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, it’s not a big issue for the country right now, but I do believe a conscious vote and referendum is needed, when the time comes. If the people want it, we should get it.

    Turning around boats has worked, they all said it wouldn’t, it has. It cost over 5 billion to house, feed, monitor, process, return or house the 50,000 illegal immigrants over the past 6 years, we have 5 billion more to spend now on schools, hospitals etc. Job well done.

    Do you know it’s a right to seek asylum? Yes, of course. We’ve increased our immigration from 12,000 to 20,000 in the Gillard era (a decision which was needed). But people coming illegally, via boat, 1,100 of which have drowned, is not the way to do it. We’ve stopped the boats, the cost blowouts and the deaths. Well done Abbott.

    Minister for Women? I didn’t even know there was one, but you’ve got to pick the best person for the job. If it’s male, aboriginal, chinese, doesn’t matter. He picked the best person, he’s the leader, that’s his right.

    So where does he get schooled?

    1. Marcus

      What a load of utter rubbish, TJ. He comes across as ignorant, unprofessional & condescending. Experience here & overseas has shown that pricing carbon *does* reduce emissions-far more so than paying bribes to polluters will. He doesn’t believe in gay marriage, but he is not there to force his own personal beliefs down our collective throats-to the extent of wasting tax payers money on high court challenges. It is *not* illegal to come to Australia-by plane or boat-to seek asylum, yet we waste billions of dollars per year to treat boat arrivals with far less compassion than we treat rapists & murderers-whilst we turn a blind eye to plane arrivals. There is no sign that these obscene policies are working, as the Jakarta Post reports that boats are still leaving Indonesia at the same rate as before September 2013. The numbers had already been dropping throughout 2013-probably due to the lifting of the humanitarian intake (though still too few), yet that is the one policy Abbott is most desperate to scrap-after telling backbenchers he wouldn’t back in 2012. Now, go collect your paycheck from Liberal Party HQ, you’ve clearly earned it with your pathetic piece of cheerleading.

    2. Anonymous

      Just because he is the leader, doesn’t mean it is his right to choose any person for the job, nor does it mean he is always right to do so. I am pretty sure that if the country voted on each of it’s ministers (and I’m not saying we should do that), a woman would be the minister for women. I am a male and it is coming from me that only a woman can accurately empathise with women, as they would know just what most of them go through every day, we can just look at Julia Gillard and how horrible and mean all of Australia’s media and federal politicians were to her, to see that a woman would know how to care for women!

      1. Anonymous

        I AM SO SORRY, the above comment glitched and was out under the wrong original comment! I apologise profusely if you ever read this again!

  7. PJ

    And if you want to know how the election result came to pass.

    Gillard lied about the Carbon Tax, you cannot lie to your people. She supported Craig Thompson for as long as she could, showing poor judgement and a lack of integrity. And throw in the 5-6 billion wasted after turning off the Pacific Solution. A problem immediately rectified by the Liberals. The debt, NBN, the waste, Stimulas and school buildings, pink batts, everything they touched, they buggered up. The result was the best thing for this country. I applaud every Australian that voted for the better team to run this country, and forget the “I’m a Labor voter” rubbish. Every single person should be a swinging voter. Politics is not like your footy team. If one is doing a rubbish job as Rudd and Gillard were, you’ve gotta vote the other way. It’s two party preferred, no one else can do it. And to not even put your name to the article, just shows you as the weak minded, left wing person you are. Hate all you want. If he does a crap job, I’ll be voting for Labor. Because I understand it’s our country, loyalty should be with the flag first.

    1. Marcus

      More rubbish from you, PJ. Gillard didn’t lie-she made it quite clear that she wanted to price carbon, & she did. We have a fixed price Emissions Trading Scheme, not a carbon tax, so how exactly had she lied? She actually cut Thomson loose pretty early on, which flies in the face of your lies about her defending him. The truth is that everything she did in respect to Thomson & Slipper were in accordance with parliamentary procedure. Abbott himself was facing 2 sets of charges whilst he was Opposition Leader, yet never offered to step aside. He has defended MP’s caught red handed rorting tax-payer funded travel schemes…and he himself is guilty of such rorting too. Funny, though, how you & your fellow Daily Terror reading drones, are happy to overlook, in this government, all the things you condemned the previous government for.

    2. Marcus

      Well done though, PJ, for exposing the *Real* reason for the election of this joke of a government-rank ignorance & a steady diet of Limited News. Pink Batts & the Schools program were shown-by independent audits-to be highly successful. The NBN did have issues, but it was chugging along quite well for such a huge infrastructure project. Now, just 6 months in, the whole thing is going to hell in a handbasket. After berating the former government about the evils of debt, this mob have driven gross debt up by over $50 billion, in just six months. Their response to the asylum seekers is proving even more hideously expensive than anything devised by Labor-adding billions of dollars in drone aircraft & expensive, one-use lifeboats. Just wait until he brings in direct action & his gold plated PPL scheme, then you’ll see our debt skyrocket. Oh, but his solution is to hurt those people already down towards the bottom rungs on society. Dropping the tax free threshold, bringing in a $6 compulsory fee to see a GP, cutting the DSP….all are on his agenda. Oh, & remember his “unity ticket” on Gonski? Well that was thrown out the window almost immediately…but apparently it was our fault for misunderstanding what he meant. Now, PJ, stop pretending that you’re anytbing but a member of the Liberal Party staff.

    3. Matt

      PJ…Late post I know, Er saved 5 billion by shutting down the pacific solution???? You are aware that the Howard Government paid Nauru billions to house them and that after being there for 3 years they made it to Australia anyway.

      You do know that right? Why do you think there is a blackout on border policy now? Uncle Tone said we don’t want to want them in Indonesia what we are doing. Er yeah riiiiight! Reality is, it isn’t working, the boats are still coming, you don’t hear about it now because of the news blackout!

      Anyways. we are either going to have DD soon, though I’m not sure Tony would be stupid enough to go to the polls. The Liberal Hierarchy will roll him and install Turnbull or he will be voted out in 2016.
      One thing I am sure of, He will not be PM in 2017.

  8. Lauren cripps

    I was in this group at the time and they were some of the most intelligent questions we could have asked.

  9. Marcus

    Well, I notice Abbort has got several of his boosters here today. I wonder if that’s part of the multi-million dollar project they funded to go through social media to see what the public thought of this so-called “government”? Oh & PJ, if I were a woman, then I’d want another woman representing my interests-not a proven misogynist who never referred to the former PM by her title, who “pimped out” his daughters on the campaign trail, & who could only highlight the alleged “sex appeal” as a plus of one of his own candidates. Still, what do we expect from the “suppository of all wisdom”?

  10. Julian

    You almost had me pj.
    I am too a swinging voter.
    The rubbish spouted by both sides shows how ppl get blinded by their ‘team’.
    There are 1000s upon 1000s of examples of one side criticising the opposition, but when their own party pretty much does the same thing, it’s all of a sudden justified.
    911 and the children overboard scandal was the zenith of this bizarre behaviour. Media spurred idiocy, with the lemmings unable to think for themselves.
    Tony will do some good, mostly bad, and then the gov will get turned over. As it should.
    As for this blogger. Worst time in our history?
    Please dear. Don’t insult ppl who went thru world wars, depression, conscription, plagues, etc, etc.
    But PJ, I think your true colors came thru with the flag comment. Only a true liberal would say that. Flag schmag. If there should be any flag at all, it should be red, black, and yellow. Flags mean nothing. They represent and fuel wars, separatism and misguided patriotism.

  11. Julian

    And as for gay marriage/rights. Please.
    Our children will look at this generation with the same diss-belief we do at our parents who were up in arms against blacks and women voting. No one ‘owns’ marriage. It WILL happen, and we all know it. Why not show the world we are progressive, fair minded, and not an ignorant bunch of hicks.

  12. Steve

    Wow, I’m really embarrassed to be an Australian right now. Was this ‘hands in the pockets’ leader really a Rhodes scholar? Couldn’t even articulate his ideas/policy to a bunch of 14 yr olds. Illegal immigrants? This was the inevitable result of voting a right wing idealist into office. Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Kraft need to ramp up production of peanut butter, because we’ve got plenty of monkeys on both sides of politics at the moment. The voter has every right to be depressed about the political landscape in this country. A national shame. An embarrassment, nothing less.

  13. hi2lea

    Reblogged this on hi2lea and commented:
    Very relevant and interesting questions asked of our PM on his so called “policies” by Year 9 students. Why aren’t the media asking him these questions every single day, oh wait, I know, its because all of our media is controlled by his favourite person, Rupert Murdoch! All except the ABC, which he plans on privatising, so they can’t criticize him.

  14. C Curtis

    I’d like to congratulate these children’s parents and teachers. The emperor has no clothes and they called it. Oh and he didn’t get his photos.

  15. Darren

    It’s a common theme with Libs to have no recourse but blame others instead of themselves. I don’t the kids showed a lack of respect. They asked intelligent legitimate questions and were silent to listen to his answers which was Abbotts opportunity to earn their respect and understand his point of view. The tired spin he gave as answers are worthy of laughter and kids particularly see straight through it because they don’t expose their minds to MSM repetitive conditioning. Put up your policies and stand by them with intelligent debate not spin and even your opponents will respect you while disagreeing. Laughter from kids stunned at this clown in front of them was just. Better than the adults behave in parliament.

  16. Piper

    I’m sorry, this video is an example of how children should NOT behave with a figure of authority.

    I’ve read through the comments on the page, and I agree with a few people on the page: the PM was unprepared, the teachers should have cut the questions to the original three that he wanted to have asked, and the teachers should have curbed the mob-like behaviour towards a man who had DECIDED to give running the country a go.

    Children must understand what it is like to be in a position of authority before being allowed to question such authority. Do they know what it is like to co-ordinate a country of 20-million-odd opinions? Do they know what it is like to balance the power of a single nation against other nations that could wage war against us with the single push of a button? Do they understand that the PM had given them the opportunity to understand what his day is like, and all they did was ridicule the way he runs the country?

    Granted, the PM should have been more prepared – after all, with all the media attention, he should have a pocket-book of standard answers at the ready – and granted, those were some good questions from the children, but every single one of those children would have gotten a bollocking from me about understanding what it’s like to be in his shoes.

    1. Piper

      Edit: My post has nothing to do with Abbott or Shorten, Liberal or Labor. It’s the simple fact that the PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA took some time out of his day (scheduled or not) to talk to these kids, and both parties embarrassed themselves by acting in this manner. Both need a good swipe on the back of the head – and both knew better, too.

    2. Darren

      I hear what your saying and if Abbott was delivering meaningful answers and the kids were disrespecting a meaningful opinion I would be critical of the kids for being ignorant. But they weren’t abusing him or threatening him as grown ups do when angered over politics, they werent being overly unruly, just being kids not yet conditioned to social norms to subdue their amazement of his answers that sound ridiculous to kids that don’t understand how right and wrong is different from someone with a 50’s mentality like Abbott. I would be sympathetic to Tony if he respected the intelligence of Australians that are patronized with the three word slogans and smear that seems to be all they have. Why is the kids laughing just another side step to all that are waiting for some intelligent debate from this government. It’s still always labors fault, unions fault, the workers fault even when these false statements refuted. It’s time to govern and stand by your policies now so the people can hold you to them. I am amazed that Lib worshiped on such forums are still mindlessly parroting budget emergencies, pink bats, even Gillard lying one time whenever abbotts government is exposed. Is that all there is and exactly why silence through law changes, media black outs, or demonising groups to devalue their opposition to oppressive policies is all you can do because the truth being exposed is going to cause people to think about the validity of the mindless slogans and their goes the electorate. So show the public respect before demonising the kids behavior I say. It’s time to stop diverting to straw men I say.

  17. John

    Those kids don’t know any facts that’s pretty obvious. Also the fact that there is a left wing teacher spilling political bias in the classroom filling empty minds with propaganda.

    1. Darren

      Yeah you’re modern conservative term for any one that displays a shred of concern for human rights or democracy is left wing mostly predicated with a derogatory bleeding heart or tree hugger. You’re right that the kids would have limited knowledge of politics like trickle down economics and the disaster they cause or the dismantling of the middle class and the new working poor class or the diabolical consequences of the details of free trade that Howard wouldn’t even sign but abbot will. They might not even wonder how Wayne swan is revealed globally for his excellence in pushing Australia to the very top of world economies and only one to avoid the gfc winning him financial minister of the world and still talked about in economy circles as brilliance. But here a budget emergency, a financial spiral out of control that the cheer squad are still hanging their hat on even as the numbers come in and the figures big joe was yelling from the roof tops were a little out because he added the forecast to the total and is starting to realise the numbers are his reputation now. Watch him loose his swag and get grey trying to diddle the figures now. Any way the kids know about inequality and the struggle of racism, sexism and homophobia and recognize that the progressive cause for equality has slipped past tony and co. Why nor ask a question about his position as woman’s afairs minister is funny because they read the memes on social media about abbotts iron analogy for women and his admission women can never be as good in certain areas. Gay marriage is not an issue for the young but homophobia is. Asylum seeker and human rights is horrible for both sides so not an unfair question. I’m sure they will be taught to hate and think with fear in the future and cease to be a horrible left wing hippy but I hope conservative dictatorships and global corporate greed are exposed and universally condemned by then. I’m sure from the blind ignorance and loud insult and blame to all the scape goats will continue for a while longer but one day I hope you catch up and think past the chest beating slogans to talk like adults with logic and reason. We may even disagree and not have to arrest the one opposing the government.

  18. Piper

    I’m not saying the kids were disrespectful because Tony Abbott is the PM – I’m saying the teachers should have stopped the disrespectful behaviour because the kids were talking TO a PM.

    I’ve had too many students ridicule the way that I do my job – but when I ask them to do my job, and actually do it properly, to the standards that my superiors ask of me, they cannot do it. They then slowly realise that there is more to my job than what they actually see – and the same with the PM. The man has to deal with so many portfolios and laws, and while he is doing a terrible job at it, I highly doubt any of those year 9s, in their current position, can do better.

    By god, if they can do better, they jolly well should step forward, and they SHOULD ask those questions they asked of him – but not in the way they did, and their classmates certainly should not have created their mob mentality. Shame on the teachers for not cutting the mob mentality short too.

    And yes, I agree Mr Abbott is not doing a good job – but I know that I personally could only do marginally better.

    Again, I state: My post has nothing to do with Abbott or Shorten, Liberal or Labor. It’s the simple fact that they are talking to the PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA. He has this title because he has done things a certain way – we must understand this fact. We may not agree to how he got there, sure, and that may add to our opinion of him – but until we know him on a personal level, we must treat him with the respect the TITLE deserves. Any other levels of respect comes from how HE treats that title – and, I suppose, that is why the children asked him these questions.

    1. Darren

      He was industrial relations minister in the Howard years I don’t personally but I know his master slave attitude towards the worker and I’ve felt the wrath of his Gestapo the ABCC and the threat of twelve months improsonment for disagreeing with the conservative working poor ideology. I have read all his essays from his university days which is a fantastic insight into his self obsession and values. He considered himself above the church, he was a bully and sexist. And if you you tube him his character is there for all to send. Even with all the media training now he still lets things slip out. I know his motives because I have studied for the second wave against the working class, we knew the underhanded tactics they would use but thought they would not hide so much from the public. Labor were hopeless at times but they faced the music in public. People that care for human rights and democracy are not getting a chance to debate because they aren’t risking the fallout that cost them this time. Howard was the workers nemesis but he lived and died by his policy, had intelligent debate and I am a huge fan of his gun buy back. Abbott is a bully boy extremist that has had to control the rage underneath to get to pm. Embarrassing for the country. Our George W. Where is the debate in parliament or public? Have we declined so far as a population that chanting “labor can’t manage money” “unions are corrupt” blah blah Is all there is. It’s not enough for me and I will keep speaking out against oppression of workers till I’m thrown in prison and I will keep going even then.

  19. christielle

    They like him. Kids can always tell when someone is dishonest and they could sense he holds his beliefs and wasn’t trying to suck up to them to try and make them like him. Their very good natured applause when he left was very nice and warm.

  20. Megan

    I am saddened to see the disrespectful behaviour of these young people, irrespective of the speaker. The teachers had no control of the situation. Discipline has gone out the window at many schools, what hope have these kids got for a future, they can have all the right questions in the world but no one will listen if they do not respect others.

  21. Expect Us!

    Oh look everyone it’s John Winston Howard Jr with his nasty evil plans for Australia THIS IS WHY I NEVER EVER VOTE LIBERAL!


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