Thank you for marching


Thanks to every single supporter for your likes, comments and shares; it was thanks to you that we were able to get the word out about the national protests.

Thanks to every person who donated to March in March; it was thanks to you that we could afford the necessities including printing, insurance and banners.

Thanks to everyone who made creative and family-friendly signs and banners; it was thanks to you that we were able to express our true and deepest concerns.

Thanks to everyone who shared your photos and videos of the march; it is thanks to you that people are aware of the 100,000 Aussies who marched against the government, despite the disappointingly lacking media coverage.

Most of all, thank you to every single person who marched; it is thanks to you that the government was made to hear us, whether they would like to acknowledge it or not.

This is just the first step but thank you for taking that necessary first step with us.


3 thoughts on “Thank you for marching

  1. Denyse Twomey

    Way to go Leesa. Please keep up the information cycle, mushrooms we are not. You and all the helpers have been so inspiring. I am sharing the information I receive and have people thanking me for doing so….no more mushrooms. We were in flight at the time of the marches coming back from the UK and we kept you all in our hearts, checking social media when we could…terrific stuff. Thank you.

  2. Helen Moore

    Thank you for this site. I too, would have marched if I had known about it beforehand. I look forward to marching in the next planned event here in Brisbane. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to “do my bit” I have felt helpless in voicing my disgust at this government’s agenda up until now. Thank you so much.



  3. Jenni

    It’s the start and I think the government’s desperate attempt to pretend nothing of note happened actually highlights the impact such protest can have. The use of social media has changed the rules for suppression or information in no longer a simple task, in fact I would wager it now an impossible one. Through social media campaigns we are able to target the financial contributor or backers of policy or developments and force their acknowledgement such as what happened with Lend Lease. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.


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