Flag Man – Australia’s First Superhero


Australia’s first superhero,
that is what they see;
to me they simply can’t say no,
they follow me with glee!

I stand and speak so tall and proud
and tell them that they’re all wrong,
that terrorists are scary,
and that this battle will be long.

Terror serves a purpose,
between just you and me;
terror keeps them quiet
and my faults they cannot see.

This terror is a blessing,
it keeps my stuff-ups hidden;
and my MPs dare not mention them,
because frankly, it’s forbidden.

I take my most important lesson
from the U.S and dubya Bush,
to cloak myself in people’s fear
of a terroristic ambush.

I surround myself with Aussie flags
as captain of this team;
I save them from the baddies,
a better hero they could not dream.

Australia’s first superhero,
the title suits me well,
hopefully they don’t yet notice
that I’m dragging them all to Hell.
– LL


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