On the 10th September 2013, this blog was born. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned and enjoy this wonderful roller-coaster ride along with me.
– Leesa Little

Enquiries: leesa.little@icloud.com


31 thoughts on “About

  1. timsbiggestfan

    this website is amazing and you’ve given me such an insight into Ed and the way he’s working his fellow housemates against Tim. I’ve loved Tim and his honesty since the first day but the points you raised in that post regarding Ed and his ‘spider’ actions has completley opened my eyes to how horrible that guy truly is. He is a pretentious, stuck up idiot who needs to be taken down.

    1. leesalittle Post author

      Thank you for your such kind words!

      Yeah it’s definitely tough to see the entire picture unless someone lays it all out in one place, at one time. I was just fortunate enough to see it all because I have lengthy discussions with a good mate who has a great memory lol;)

      Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  2. Liz

    So excited to have found your page. What an insight into the Ed-manips!! You have summed him right up. Look forward to reading more from you. Btw I am a huge follower of BB from the very first year….the game plan and strategising and general nastiness etc in this years show, really takes the cake!!

  3. Ruth

    Hey I really find your blog on BBAU refreshing, it is not about building or breaking anyone up and even when you are writing something about my not so favorite house mate (Jade) i still enjoy reading it!!! Can you please write your observation on Drew? Thanks

    1. leesalittle Post author

      Thank you so much! That’s such a lovely observation, I’m just writing what I see:)

      Sure thing! It’s actually strange that I haven’t yet profiled Drew given that he’s my second favourite housemate. I’ll get on top of that one soon! Thanks again for the feedback and the great idea:)

  4. Anjie

    Oh wow, so glad someone on BB livefeed, commented about checking out your site. I agree 100% with your insight except I could not have written it so eloquently. I would love to read your take on Mikkayla and Tahan.
    Please keep writing. I will be checking in regularly. I am on behind big brother forum and am really getting over people abusing each other. People don’t know when to back off.
    Thank you

    1. leesalittle Post author

      Thank you so much! I appreciate this much more than you could possibly know. Mikkayla and Tahan? Sure thing! It may take me a little time but I’ll get onto it:)

      Yeah that forum was a scary place, I learned my lesson and won’t be returning :/
      Thanks again, take care!

  5. MyBigMouth

    Hi, I found your blog via behind bb which I browsed by briefly. You seem to be an avid student of human behaviour like myself and I’m amused by how close your summaries are to mine. Keep writing and studying psychology, you definitely have excellent insight and observations skills. I’m interested to hear what you make of Mikkayla! One critique, your last post re Justynn’s supposed departure, the reflection in the mirror is not Nathan, he’s not bald on the sides. It’s a blonde and what looks like a beard is just the corner of the window in the background. Let the speculation continue hahaha!

    1. leesalittle Post author

      Hi! Wow what a lovely comment at such a pertinent time. Thank you sincerely for your kind words; I’m especially excited to have received them from a fellow student of human behaviour. Mikkayla (and possibly Tahan) should be next if nothing else pops up first haha.

      Oh, and regarding your comments on the photo, you’re absolutely right. I did think it was Nathan until someone on Twitter suggested that it may be Jade. As with the revelation of an optical illusion, I can’t even see Nathan in the pic anymore. Unfortunately, there is a prominent rumour that it absolutely is Nathan (no doubt surrounding the article in question), so I’ll have to leave this one up for healthy debate. I do agree though, will be adding an update in a few minutes.

      Thanks again, I so do appreciate your time.

  6. michelle

    Hello πŸ™‚ I love your blog, honest observations with no ulterior motives….I just thought i would inform you that Eds family are not the only ones playing dirty, Tahans boyfriend called Mikayla a cane toad on his twitter and seems to have a bit to say…on his twitter profile his description of his relationship with Tahan is “hes sleeping with her” ..respectful kind of guy …not!!

  7. Bets Off

    Given how bizarre the Tahan votes were, has anyone considered the betting that could be going on behind this? If her odds were at 6-1, and you put $20k in at those odds, you could win $120K. Even if there were, say 6 weeks to go, and you spent $10K on voting calls each week, you’ve invested $60K for a profit of $60K, and if she wins, then $250K in her pocket some of which might be back in yours if you got her to the finish line….

  8. Ruthie

    Leesa Little I love you darling girl! Your blog is bloody brilliant and I am so glad you decided to write! Your way with words is thrilling and hang with bated breath for your next installment. Keep up the amazing work! Hate the way Mikkayla has been treated, it is quite disgusting to think that someone like trashy Tahan has stayed for so long. I thought at first it was a bit like Sara-Marie from BB 1 and how Australia kept saving her. Obviously the truth is more despicable….Keep on doing the amazing job you are doing and don’t back down against bully’s like David Reynolds…..the douchebag!

    1. leesalittle Post author

      Thank you so much! Wow what a kind comment!:)

      It was so sad to see Mikkayla treated that way… I was truly shocked given the quality that the show used to have. Haha thank you, I won’t let him stop me (though, I very nearly did). He definitely is a powerful force!:/

      Take care and thank you again;)

  9. jeannies1

    I so love finding little gems such as your blog. Your latest article on the HM’s and how they comport themselves in social media now outside the house was very insightful and I believe you got it right. Oh Xavier, I finally gave up on him being able to compose a single sentence that was relevant and took him off my twitter. Tahan, um, I can only say that I hope she learns as time goes on, but I also believe her “support” system, family, BF and others lack a sense of maturity that has failed her.

    Even with they’re faults and faux pas’s they have shown a higher level of respect to those who have followed them compared to the BBUS HM’s whom many are simply ignorant and lack any social grace.

    I am looking forward to reading your future articles. I can tell that you do put yourself into each article you write and that you do try to remain unbiased unless it is glaring right in front of you and we all know (or rather we should) that you as anyone else is entitled to your own perception regardless if it is not that of others.

    1. leesalittle Post author

      I cannot thank you enough for your comment. Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to write them; I appreciate it much more than you could know.

      I agree on all points – while a few of the housemates have been dissapointing, it’s nothing compared to this year’s BBUS. I was actually quite confused as to what most of them (except Aaryn, that was clear) had done wrong until someone pointed out that I wasn’t watching the live feeds. When I found out what they were saying, I was shocked and appauled. Still have no idea how they managed to cast such a horrid group of people this year :/

      Thank you again! I’m excited to explore new subjects and broaden the topics on the blog. It’s a wonderful journey and I’m grateful to have readers like you along for the ride with me πŸ™‚

  10. Robyne Chamberlain

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