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The Daily Telegraph Disrespects Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death By Calling Him A “Junkie”

From Screen Crave.

Given the tragedy that was the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death this morning, you’d think that major publications would walk a respectful line. Though, it’s evident that the Daily Telegraph feels justified in being disrespectful, headlining their front page with the chilling words, “KIDS GRIEVE FOR JUNKIE ACTOR DAD”. While the world media published carefully-worded stories regarding the late husband and father’s passing, the Tele chose to mock PSH’s admitted years of/struggle with sobriety and the label in which they chose to do so with was disgraceful and appalling.

From the Daily Telegraph.

For those in doubt, the Google cache does not lie…


They of course did not hesitate in exploiting his death either; their website is draped in PSH stories already, with the first four alone based on him.

From the Daily Telegraph.

It is well-known that the Daily Telegraph is good for well, lining bird cages only, but it’s doubtful that anyone would think they’d so blatantly disrespect the tragic death of a father.

It seems now that the Tele has responded to feedback from the public and have since changed the headline to, “Revealed: Seymour Hoffman’s last hours” (note their sudden lack of caps). Unfortunately for the Tele, the internet does not forget and their disrespect has been shared by many.

From the Daily Telegraph.

Rest in peace Philip Seymour Hoffman. Kindest and deepest condolences to his family.


Anonymous Donor Encourages Contributions To Australian Marriage Equality

Source & photo credit: Australian Marriage Equality on Facebook.

Australian Marriage Equality received an offer for a very generous donation of up to $20,000 last month; though, there was a catch. The anonymous donor has provided incentive for people to help out the amazing cause, offering to donate up to $20,000 by matching dollar for dollar the amount given to the organisation before midnight January 15th.

Source: Australian Marriage Equality on Facebook.

Alongside other equal rights associations, they’ve campaigned tirelessly to raise the amount needed to total $40,000 – $20,000 from supporters and $20,000 from the kind donor. Even with all of their efforts, they’re still coming up short. As of around 8:45pm, they had raised an incredible $15,822 – still $4,180 shy from the $20,000, but there is still time.

Source: Equal Marriage Rights Australia on Facebook.

If you support marriage equality in Australia, tonight would be an amazing time to speak up in a pertinent way. By donating whatever you can before midnight (every dollar helps), you’re ensuring that they receive double that amount. There has never been a better time to support our fellow Aussies; so please, give with love so that we can support those who are not yet allowed to love freely enough to legally marry. Click here to go directly to their donation page, or follow the link from their Facebook post here.

UPDATE: As of 10pm they’ve reached $16,491! Can we get them over the line in time?


UPDATE: They’ve reached 18,193! 20 minutes to go!


UPDATE: Just $745 short of their $20,000 goal, Australian Marriage Equality has received an extention from their generous donor until 3am (midnight in Western Australia). Can they get there? Thanks to the generosity of the general public, I think that they can.


Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney Cancels NYE Water Festival Event – Offers Two Flimsy Options Instead Of Refund

Source: The NYE Festival website

Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney has caused an uproar by cancelling the NYE plans of thousands of Aussies tonight due to a “major technical production issue”.

The Wet ‘n’ Wild music festival, billed nearly everywhere as the “first ever festival to be held at a water theme park” has now been postponed to Australia Day. Ticket holders – who forked out between $110-$200 per ticket – are fuming, as the announcement has been made only hours before the festival was due to begin.

Palming off any blame onto the event organisers, Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney made sure that they were as far removed as possible from any statements that they made about the cancellation. They were careful to pin it on the event organisers (who they hired), even naming and shaming the company itself.

Source: Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney Facebook page.

“One Cube Entertainment, an external entertainment promotions company organizing the event, has made the decision to postpone the planned NYE Festival promoted at Wet’n’Wild Sydney due to a major technical production issue.
A new date has been selected for the event, which will now take place on Australia Day 2014 (Sunday 26 January).

A spokesperson for One Cube Entertainment stated “We have made the very difficult decision to postpone our New Years Eve event at Wet n Wild Sydney. This decision is in the best interest of our patrons due to some last minute production issues. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and are currently working on something bigger and better for Australia Day at Wet n Wild. This new lineup will include the addition of some brand new headliners being announced shortly.”

Ticket holders have the option of using the existing purchased ticket for:
NYE with the same lineup and Intl’s Tonight @ The Roxy, 6pm til late
Australia Day (Sun 26 Jan) @ Wet n Wild Sydney (more details announced in a few days)”

Source: The NYE Festival website

Given that the festival was due to commence at 4pm, making the announcement at 10am was perhaps the harshest of blows – those who have travelled have already arrived in Sydney. Similarly, accommodation has been booked and with the festival having been 95% sold out, over 20,000 irritated party-goers will now quickly be seeking a place at one of the few places that are not yet sold out, or where crowds have not already gathered. Offering what they believe to be an equivalent alternative, ticket holders can attend the Roxy hotel with their ticket tonight, if choosing not to (or are unable to) attend the water-park on Australia Day. Hopefully they don’t exceeded capacity at the Roxy – have they even checked?

Source: NYE Water Festival Facebook page

Adding insult, it seems that by postponing the event they’ve ensured that refunds are not an option. So those who have already travelled a considerable distance or are simply unable to attend on Australia Day, will just have to swallow the hefty ticket costs for themselves. Here’s hoping that this is not the case – perhaps given all of the negative feedback, Wet ‘n’ Wild will give ticket holders the option of a refund at some point.

Among the annoyed patrons are those who have already made plans (and bought tickets) to perhaps the largest Australia Day event in Sydney, a competing music festival – the Big Day Out. Many are wondering if this has been considered by the event organisers, or if they simply believe that people will be compliant with the change and disregard their Australia Day plans.

One thing’s for sure, disappointed guests have given their review score on Facebook a real well-earned beating.





Despite the outrage, it is doubtful that Wet ‘n’ Wild will suffer from the mistake – they’ve already had to cease their sales of season passes and cease admission to prevent overpopulation on certain days. While people are fuming, there is no denying the popularity of a water park in sunny Sydney.

It’s impossible not to feel for these displaced patrons; we can now only hope that while it will not detract from the impact of the travel and accommodation costs that they have incurred, Wet ‘n’ Wild will, at the very least, offer them a full refund at some point. As it stands, they have absolutely no plans to do so.