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Protecting animal abusers: the ‘ag-gag’ legislation and how it will impact Australian animals. 

Australian animal activists are struggling to comprehend the heartlessness of the actions of our ‘leaders’. Both the South Australian Government AND the Opposition are in support of ‘ag-gag’ legislation which is expected to pass this Thursday.

From abc.net.au this morning:
“Exposing animal cruelty will become harder once a surveillance devices bill passes the South Australian Parliament, the Law Society has said. T
he legislation has Government and Opposition support and is expected to pass when State Parliament sits on ThursdayIt would become a criminal offence to broadcast any video or audio obtained by covert means, unless a court agreed it was in the public interest. In a letter to SA Attorney-General John Rau, Law Society president Rocco Perotta labelled it an “ag-gag” law. He said it would prevent stories exposing animal cruelty from being broadcast, such as the ABC Four Corners report on use of live baiting in the greyhound industry.” abc.net.au 

Ag-gag laws are put in place to protect companies from scrutiny, despite the unbearable consequences to the animals that this legislation with impact.

Voiceless explains that these laws generally target “undercover investigators, whistleblowers and journalists, and may take three forms:

  • They criminalise the undercover or covert surveillance of commercial animal facilities.
  • They require that any obtained footage of animal cruelty must be turned over to enforcement agencies immediately, stifling long-term investigations into systemic animal abuse.
  • They require potential employees of commercial animal facilities to disclose current or past ties to animal protection groups.”Voiceless 


So what can we do to combat this legislation? Plenty. 

Contact your local MP: this useful resource will enable you to find and contact your local MP.

Sign the petition: you can sign Animals Australia’s petition here.

Get informed: visit Voiceless to further your understanding of these laws and the impact they have on animals.

Utilise Social Media: you can contact your local MP publicly via Facebook and Twitter. Leaving a public message will help to inform others while simultaneously pressuring leaders to do right by voters, and more importantly, by animals.

Hashtags are greatly effective. Try to include tags such as #NoAgGag and #AgGag to anything you post/tweet on the subject.

You can also share facts/memes/links as comments on applicable articles and posts on websites and social media. Comment sections are often a hotbed for debate and contributing your informed opinion often makes a world of difference. 

Spread awareness: so many Australians are unaware of the atrocities being committed in the agricultural business and/or the fact that our representatives are acting to aid in concealing this. What’s more, a vast majority of these unaware or misinformed Australians consider themselves strongly opposed animal cruelty. 

We cannot control what is being decided on our behalf in Parliament, but we can certainly do all we can to influence it. Our silence is not acceptable when those who are facing abuse do not have a voice of their own.