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March in March Australia 2014: What Are YOU Marching For?


March in March is a national protest as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government’s policies. This is an open idea that umbrellas a vast collection of the public’s concerns and issues with the current government’s actions and policies.

The unfortunate reality for Australians is that there are too many critical issues to name, despite all of our efforts to do so. It is because of this that supporters are invited to march for the individual causes that are important to them and to make these issues known.

We are agreed that we are marching for three primary ideals; accountability, transparency and decency. It is under these ideals that our individual concerns fall. So for us to march with focus on accountability, transparency and decency from and within our Government, we are marching in a way that is entirely inclusive of all of our individual concerns.

Please let us know what you will be marching for this coming March 2014 by voting in the poll below. You may select as many options as you would like and choose with your heart, mind or both. Please post a comment with an issue if it has not been included and it will be added to the poll.

The results will give us a clear indication as to which issues are most important to Australians and will assist in providing an entirely accurate representation of supporters’ concerns.



March in March Australia 2014: Protest times, dates and locations


Times, dates and meeting places for March in March Australia locations are listed below. This will be regularly updated with information as it becomes available. You can read more about the March in March protests here.

Please consider a donation to March in March by visiting our crowd-funding page here.


Monday, 17th March
Start at Queen Victoria Terrace (behind Old Parliament House)
Canberra Facebook page
Canberra event page



Sunday, 16th March
Steps of Parliament House
Adelaide Facebook page
Adelaide event page


Alice Springs
Sunday 16th March
Council Lawns
Alice Springs Facebook page
Alice Springs event page


Saturday 15th March
Central Park
Armidale Facebook Page
Armidale event page


Sunday, 16th March
Lake Weeroona
Bendigo Facebook page
Bendigo event page


Blue Mountains
Sunday 16th March
Carrington Place, Katoomba
Blue Mountains Facebook page


Sunday, 16th March
Queens Park
Brisbane Facebook page
Brisbane event page


Byron Bay
Sunday, March 16th
Apex Park
Byron Bay Facebook page
Byron Bay event page


Saturday 15th March
Centenary Lakes
Caboolture Facebook page
Caboolture event page


Saturday, 15th March
Fogarty Park
Cairns Facebook page
Cairns event page


Sunday, 16th March
Victory Park
Castlemaine Facebook page


Coffs Harbour
Sunday 16th March
Coffs Harbour Facebook page
Coffs Harbour event page


Saturday 15th March
Bennett Street
Darwin Facebook page
Darwin event page


Sunday 16th March
Berridge Park
Denmark Facebook page
Denmark event page


Fraser Coast
Sunday, 16th March
Enzo’s on the beach
Hervey Bay
Fraser Coast Facebook page


Sunday, 16th March
Surf Lifesaving Club
Geraldton Facebook page


Gold Coast
**Please check Facebook page
Gold Coast Facebook page
Gold Coast event page


Saturday, 15th March
Meet at the Carawah reserve march to Marina, Masons Parade
Gosford Facebook page
Gosford event page


Saturday 15th March
Market Square, Prince Street
Grafton Facebook page


Sunday, 16th March
Meet at the Cenotaph
Hobart Facebook page
Hobart event page


Saturday, 15th March
Spinks Park
Lismore Facebook page
Lismore event page


Sunday, March 16th
State Library of Victoria
Melbourne Facebook page
Melbourne event page


Sunday, 16th March
Henderson Park
Mildura Facebook page


Sunday, 16th March
Meet at Pacific Park for march to Civic Park
Newcastle Facebook page
Newcastle event page


Sunday, March 16th
Langley Park
Perth Facebook page
Perth event page


Port Macquarie
Sunday, March 16th
Westport Park
Port Macquarie Facebook page
Port Macquarie event page


Sunday, March 16th
Belmore Park, Haymarket
Sydney Facebook page
Sydney event page


Saturday, 15th March
Frogs Hollow, Queens Park
Toowoomba Facebook page


Sunday, 16th March
Burke Street Headland
Townsville Facebook page
Townsville event page


Sunday 16th March
Woodland Grove Park
Wodonga Facebook page
Wodonga Event Page


Sunday, 16th March
Stuart Park
Wollongong Facebook page
Wollongong event page

Facebook users can RSVP to their local event (entirely optional) via the links above. Non-Facebook users can visit March in March Australia’s website here. You can also follow us on Twitter here.

Again, this post will be regularly updated with individual event details as they become available. You can also visit the original post here for more information on March in March.


  • March in March: Why we are protesting
  • March in March Australia: A vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government
  • March in March Australia on Facebook
  • March in March Australia on Twitter
  • March in March Australia’s website

  • March In March Australia 2014: A national protest as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government


    No matter how it happened or who is to blame, the sad reality is that we as a nation have been inflicted with a self-serving excuse for a government. The country has completely unravelled under the Abbott Government and until now, we’ve felt utterly powerless against his will.

    Based on their belief in unchallengeable power, Abbott led his campaign with lies and scare-tactics. Now that they hold the reins, they have broken promises and systematically torn apart long-standing and successful policies as quickly as they possibly could. This frenzied attack on our own country has done nothing to benefit anyone other than the rich – those who need assistance least of all.

    Standing against human rights, they’ve instructed our Naval forces to turn back the desperate and down-trodden with force, they’ve denied marriage equality and they’ve cut the already minimal benefits to the needy in every possible sector.

    Determined to allow big-business to profit at any environmental cost, they’ve cut the ‘green tape’ by removing heritage listings to allow dredging and logging of our most precious and previously protected environmental resources.

    They’ve denied clear science by being stubborn climate sceptics with what will be devastating consequences, reversed pre-election promises to fight whaling practices and, by being ignorant to their responsibilities, have destroyed international relations with Indonesia.

    …and this is just SOME of what has been done since September 2013.

    Australia has become a shell of what it once was and we, for the most part, are truly ashamed. We have fought for individual causes with our petitions and a form of independent media that is free from the restraints of owners such as the repulsive and repugnant, Rupert Murdoch.

    We have been left with what feels like an insurmountable battle, but this has not stopped us from trying everything that we can. Now it is time for us to stand united using our loudest possible, most well-informed collective voice and march as one against the Abbott government.

    March in March 2014 is an independent, national protest being held in a variety of locations across Australia. It has been organised by members of the concerned public and is not associated with any political party.


    We are marching in peaceful protest as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government on the weekend of March 15/16th (Canberra on March 17th). You can view the current list of locations, dates and times (where available) here. Read more about why we are protesting here and check our our article in Independent Australia here.


    March in March Australia has been organised by a specialist team of volunteers local to each area and a national administration of 7 people. Led by Tim Jones and Craig Batty, the national team includes people of all ages and backgrounds, from all across Australia; Candace Wirth, Margaret McMillan, Loz Lawrey, Chessy Collins and myself, Leesa Little.

    Special thanks to Jan and Sally for everything they did to get these marches off the ground.

    March in March is not sponsored by any organisation or party and is a uniquely grassroots movement. We have relied on the generous donations of the public to pay for each aspect of the 32 marches. Without the help of these donors, this simply would not have been possible. You can make a donation via our crowd-funding page here.


    You can keep up to date with details of the march by ‘liking’ the official Facebook page and following us on Twitter at @MarchinMarchAus.

    It’s time for us to prove that while the Abbott Government has refused to listen thus far, we do indeed have a voice.

    I will be marching as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government in March 2014; will you?


  • March in March: Why we are protesting
  • March in March Australia: Times, dates and locations
  • March in March Australia on Facebook
  • March in March Australia on Twitter
  • March in March Australia’s website

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    Cory Bernardi: Conservative values or an excuse to be a bigot?

    Cory Bernardi – Conservative ‘Values’ Or An Excuse To Be A Bigot?


    It is tough to decipher whether or not the conservative bigots are truly a dying breed, but they are certainly no longer being tolerated. While those who spout their hate speech feel justified and supported, the rest of us are standing against them with a stronger, more unified voice – we will no longer allow these fear-mongers to spread their hateful speech unchallenged.

    Bernardi’s views have again surfaced since the recent release of his controversial new book, ‘The Conservative Revolution‘ in which he accuses women of undergoing abortions only as “an abhorrent form of birth control” and speaks out strongly against what he calls ‘non-traditional’ families including step-families, same-sex parent families and single-parent families. The book features a glowing review from Andrew Bolt on the cover which, even without the disgraceful content, is reason enough for people to turn away from the book. Bernardi has also previously made anti-Islamic remarks, called for a ban of the Burqa, has called migrants “welfare squatters” and equates homosexual relations to beastiality.

    Description: “An unapologetic advocate for mainstream values, Cory Bernardi presents a bold vision for a stronger nation that is founded on conservative principles. He takes the fight to the political left and calls for an overturning of the existing moral relativism that threatens Australia’s way of life. Bernardi argues that the best way to tackle this threat is to protect and defend the traditional institutions that have stood the test of time, something that he has done during his time as a senator in the Australian Parliament. Bernardi’s work courageously promotes the conservative cause and sets out a path to a better Australia through a commitment to faith, family, flag, freedom and free enterprise. This volume reminds us that conservative principles – not the populist whims of the left – generate enduring stability, success and strength. That is why we need a conservative revolution.”

    Many publications are describing the outrage over Bernardi’s 19th-century views as ‘attacks’ on him, including the statements made by fellow Liberal, Warren Entsch, whereas Bernardi’s statements are simply being described as ‘his values’. I’d beg to differ. Bernardi’s own words are a series of attacks; he attacks literally everyone who does not fit his idea of a conventional family; again, including (but not limited to), homosexuals, single parents, step-parents, and women have have/will undergo an abortion. His conservative ‘values’ are outdated and hateful, and the reaction to such ridiculousness has been loud and clear.

    Statements are emerging from various figures in the public eye, including the recent comments from Liberal MP, Warren Entsch. Entsch took particular exception to Bernadi’s attack on non-traditional families and the homosexual population. He explains that “he’s obviously got an obsession with people that are gay, it worries me. You’ve really got to watch out for those that have these obsessions. He who protests the loudest…” He also questioned what Bernardi’s reaction would be if he were to discover that a family member of his own is gay, “would he advocate sterilisation?” Entsch asks. Given the ridiculousness of Bernardi’s claims, I wouldn’t be surprised if he would.

    Warren Entsch. Source: The Cairns Post

    Senator Bernardi is having trouble coming to terms with the backlash from his fellow MP, telling News Corp Australia that “the lawyers are having a look at it“. Best of luck to Bernardi I suppose; there are endless masses of intelligent and open-minded people who are speaking out against him, will he try to take legal action against them all?

    Another well-known Aussie figure has spoken out against Berdardi on the show that she co-hosts, ‘The Project’. Carrie Bickmore responded to Bernardi’s now well-known question, “why then the levels of criminality among boys and promiscuity among girls who are brought up in single parent families, more often than not headed by a single mother?” Bickmore is herself a single mother, after losing her husband, Greg Lange to cancer in 2010, just three years after she gave birth to their son, Oliver. As an inspirational, working woman who is by all accounts an incredible mother, Bickmore was ready to take down Bernardi with her concise sentence, “I grew up in a non-traditional family and I’m currently raising a son in a non-traditional family, so he can get stuffed.” She furthered her strong statement by reassuring others that, “If you’re offended by Bernardi, don’t be, he’s not worth being offended by“. Representing so many, Bickmore’s quote went viral, sparking an emotive response and earning her strong support.


    The news of Bernardi’s despicable attacks has now spread world-wide to the very well-respected, George Takei. Takei has garnered the favour of over 5.5 million on Facebook with his humour, personality and for being an advocate of homosexual rights. This morning he posted the link to Bernardi’s book on Amazon with the description, “In Australia, opposition to marriage equality has a champion in conservative politician Cory Bernardi, who warns in his book that it would lead to polygamy and bestiality. Our friends Down Under penned some epic reviews…Oh Myyy.” – George Takei on Facebook

    From George Takei’s Facebook.

    The comment section is equally as hopeful, given that the news of Bernardi’s views (being an elected official) could give way to the consideration that our country is really as backwards as some already believe. The top comments (and subsequent responses) speak volumes…

    From George Takei’s Facebook.

    The reviews in which Takei refers to are indeed a welcome sight. They detail the collective public perspective of Bernardi and his beliefs, bringing the overall book rating to a dismal (and deserved) 1.8 out of 5. Of course we need to account for the random conservatives who have rated this rubbish with a gloating 5/5, though there are also some reviews who have given the high rating in an ironic sense. The following is an example of this ironic 5/5:


    From Amazon.com

    The rest are a variety of outraged yet witty responses that give Bernardi the same level of respect to which he has given those he has slandered. The most ‘helpful’ reviews are certainly the most entertaining, giving George Takei (and the rest of us) all a good chuckle.


    From Amazon.com

    Another image that went viral this week was the peaceful graffiti painted on Bernardi’s Liberal MP sign. The rainbow of love and equality represents a simple message to Bernardi that hatred is no longer tolerated.


    As for his political career? He will certainly not survive another round of elections given that even his own party has turned their back on him. Nobody wants to be associated with such unpopular/publicly condemned views, not even the Liberals. Bernardi’s efforts and forceful speech brings to mind the Westboro Baptist Church – an infamous hate organisation acting under (what they perceive to be) the ‘word of God’. Good luck with your ‘conservative revolution’, Bernardi. Your uprising is, and will always be, nothing more than the hateful rantings of a fool and his minions. So please, by all means keep picketing in circles. Yes, the country needs to be rid of those who are hold negative values, but unfortunately for you and your supporters Mr. Bernardi, that would be you.

    UPDATE: Cory Bernardi breaks his Twitter silence to announce a second print run of his book. What he doesn’t realise is that people only purchased it to see what all of the fuss was about – like those who can’t look away from a car accident.