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A must-read for all stay-at-home parents.

If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and just tired of being surrounded with all things baby/children, you are most likely a stay-at-home parent. For so many, it’s a thankless, 24-7 job that often earns little (if any) kudos in the modern world. We spend our days and nights on the schedule of our tiny little bosses and sometimes feel we would give anything to have a bathroom break alone. That’s why love and support is often imperative to our mental health. 

Last Saturday, Affirmation by Mr. Right on Facebook posted an reminder of what we all should try to tell ourselves when we are covered in baby vomit, chasing after a bub who has just discovered the wonder of walking or crawling, or cleaning – endlessly cleaning – all day long:

STAY-AT-HOME MUMS (Warning – long post!)

I’ve got to share a conversation that I had with my husband with you because if you are a stay-at-home mum who has had one of those days where you’ve felt beaten, doubtful and jaded by the end of the day….this might change your perspective on your role. It did for me.

So I was complaining the other day to husband that I never get anything done with my 15 month old and 4 year old children at home. My list of chores hardly gets a smudge let alone wiped clean and life as a stay-at-home mum is exhausting! After some time, he says to me… I think you have forgotten why you’ve been ‘employed’ by us…..??? I’m confused, but he goes on to say,

‘If you died tomorrow and you had all the money in the world, who would YOU pay to raise your children when you’re gone? He specified that if it couldn’t be him or family members….who would I trust? Who would I trust to love them, to nurture them, to challenge them, who would know their routines, their idiosyncrasies, their medical history, their diets, their moods, their likes, their sensitivities and their hurdles….who could offer all of this to them?’
Then he asked, ‘And if, by miracle, you found someone who COULD provide all of this, in a full-time position, who was willing to work EVERYDAY, in sickness or in health……what would you be willing to pay them?’ 
‘Thousands.’ I said, without
‘But even then, they could not do a better job than you are doing. YOU are THE expert on our children. THE Specialist. Quite frankly, we could not afford your services…..and yet, that is what you provide everyday for our children. You are not ‘employed’ to clean the floors, make the dinners, wash the clothes, etc…if these things get done, it is a bonus, NOT an expectation. You are ‘employed’ as the state-of-the-art, expert in the field of raising our children…..and darling, you’re doing an exceptional job.’
He is a bit of a legend and the conversation really has changed my perception of my role as a stay-at-home mum.

Hope it might yours…if you’ve had one of those days. x – from Affirmation by Mr. Right

From all of us who needed to hear it, thank you to Kate Wright and her wonderful partner for reminding us of what matters in the most unforgiving mummy-moments. We all know that we are lucky to be able to watch our little ones grow but it never hurts to have a reminder of how important being a parent truly is. 


Panadol Issues Two Separate Recalls; One Urgent, Both Children’s Products

Source: childrenspanadol.com.au

Panadol (via GSK – their parent company) has recently issued two separate recalls of their children’s products, both for safety concerns. The first has caused wide-spread concerns via social media, with alarmed parents spreading the news. The photo that accompanied the warning shocked many – two syringes, side by side, one with an accurate measuring scale and one that begins roughly 0.7mL in. To unsuspecting/trusting customers, this measurement gave no immediate cause for concern, which lead to parents inevitably and accidentally issuing an overdose of the Panadol brand medication to their children.

Source: panadol.com.au

Despite the heading of their media release being labelled as “URGENT SAFETY ALERT”, Panadol (via GSK) has since tried to alleviate public panic by including a statement from their company’s medical director, “If a child has been dosed using an incorrect syringe following the label instructions, there is a low risk to the health of the child” – Dr Andrew Yeates, Medical Director GSK Australia (from gsk.com.au). Though, this may have downplayed some genuine concerns. Given that the dosage for a child 1 month – 2 years is only 0.6ml – 0.9ml, and the additional amount given was roughly 0.7ml, the amount given to a baby of this age is near to double. Also taking into consideration that this may have been given on a longer-term basis for ailments such as cold/flu, teething etc, there is indeed risk to the health of the child. If you and your child fit into this category, please talk to your doctor to gain a better idea of whether there is reason for concern or not. It is agreed by medical professionals that increased amounts of Paracetamol can cause liver damage, so seeking advice from a doctor who is not associated with the company would be recommended.

Source: patient.co.uk

Since this has emerged, another, unrelated recall was issued. After routine quality testing, GSK (with the TGA – Therapeutic Goods Administration) has recalled two batches of Children’s Panadol that were issued between September and November 2013. These are:

* Children’s Panadol 1-5 years suspension (strawberry / 200mL) – (identified by JR130869 on the carton and 130869 on the bottle)

* Children’s Panadol 1-5 years suspension (orange / 100mL) – (identified by JR130697 on the carton and 130697 on the bottle)

As part of the recall, pharmacists were instructed to immediately remove these products from shelves and quarantine them before sending them back to wholesalers.

What Panadol/GSK failed to do however, was update the statement that they issued on the 22nd of November regarding the syringes;

“It is important to note that the Children’s Panadol liquid within the bottle is safe to use. The only component impacted is the syringe, no other Children’s Panadol or Panadol products are affected. Therefore, consumers may choose to dispose of the incorrect syringe and continue using the product with another suitable syringe.” – from the GSK website.

Now knowing that the Children’s Panadol liquid contains an excess amount of paracetamol, perhaps they should change the aforementioned statement. Particularly considering the dates – this statement was issued on the 22nd of November and about a week later they recalled products from September, October and November. Therefore, although the recalled batches did not contain the syringes, it stands to reason that the very products that GSK have assured to be safe, are indeed part of the recalled batch.

Please keep in mind that paracetamol is indeed a low-risk drug and panic is not necessary. There is a danger only in certain circumstances and you should have a conversation with your doctor if you are concerned about repeated high doses.

More Information:

* GSK’s Children’s Panadol recall statement

* GSK’s URGENT SAFETY ALERT: Syringe recall statement