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Tony Abbott gets ‘schooled’ by school kids


It’s a situation that is so pathetic that it comes to the point where you just have to laugh – a country’s Prime Minister at the mercy of a group of year nine school students who have absolutely outsmarted him.

The unfortunate state that this country is in is thanks to the woefully shameful Federal election result last September. I, like many others, often wonder how this actually came to pass. Was it misinformation? Was it the simplicity of those hideous three-word slogans? Regardless of how voters were fooled, it has become clear that many regret this decision. What is of embarrassment but some strange comfort is that others see what we see – the incompetence of our PM is obvious to most respectable people from leaders and experts internationally, to what now seems like the vast majority of forward-thinking Australians. Though had we ever considered what our upcoming voters, our Australian youth are thinking?

During a recent excursion, students of Newtown High School questioned one of the most questionable characters in Australian history – the current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. This 9:49 minute video, captured by one of the year nine students is possibly one of the most conflicting pieces of film that you’ll ever see. You’ll be embarrassed by the blatant stupidity of our PM but you’ll be filled with hope by the intelligence and open-mindedness of the youth who represent Australia’s future.

Do yourself a favour and watch the entire clip. These students do well to inspire a sense of relief during this horrid time in our country’s timeline.

UPDATE: These incredible students attended March in March!



Tony Abbott’s ‘Message from the PM’ removed by Youtube. What happens next?


When Abbott proudly posted his “Message from the PM – Delivering on Our Promises”, YouTube was quick to shut it down as “deceptive content”. What happens next is all too predictable…



March In March Australia 2014: A national protest as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government


No matter how it happened or who is to blame, the sad reality is that we as a nation have been inflicted with a self-serving excuse for a government. The country has completely unravelled under the Abbott Government and until now, we’ve felt utterly powerless against his will.

Based on their belief in unchallengeable power, Abbott led his campaign with lies and scare-tactics. Now that they hold the reins, they have broken promises and systematically torn apart long-standing and successful policies as quickly as they possibly could. This frenzied attack on our own country has done nothing to benefit anyone other than the rich – those who need assistance least of all.

Standing against human rights, they’ve instructed our Naval forces to turn back the desperate and down-trodden with force, they’ve denied marriage equality and they’ve cut the already minimal benefits to the needy in every possible sector.

Determined to allow big-business to profit at any environmental cost, they’ve cut the ‘green tape’ by removing heritage listings to allow dredging and logging of our most precious and previously protected environmental resources.

They’ve denied clear science by being stubborn climate sceptics with what will be devastating consequences, reversed pre-election promises to fight whaling practices and, by being ignorant to their responsibilities, have destroyed international relations with Indonesia.

…and this is just SOME of what has been done since September 2013.

Australia has become a shell of what it once was and we, for the most part, are truly ashamed. We have fought for individual causes with our petitions and a form of independent media that is free from the restraints of owners such as the repulsive and repugnant, Rupert Murdoch.

We have been left with what feels like an insurmountable battle, but this has not stopped us from trying everything that we can. Now it is time for us to stand united using our loudest possible, most well-informed collective voice and march as one against the Abbott government.

March in March 2014 is an independent, national protest being held in a variety of locations across Australia. It has been organised by members of the concerned public and is not associated with any political party.


We are marching in peaceful protest as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government on the weekend of March 15/16th (Canberra on March 17th). You can view the current list of locations, dates and times (where available) here. Read more about why we are protesting here and check our our article in Independent Australia here.


March in March Australia has been organised by a specialist team of volunteers local to each area and a national administration of 7 people. Led by Tim Jones and Craig Batty, the national team includes people of all ages and backgrounds, from all across Australia; Candace Wirth, Margaret McMillan, Loz Lawrey, Chessy Collins and myself, Leesa Little.

Special thanks to Jan and Sally for everything they did to get these marches off the ground.

March in March is not sponsored by any organisation or party and is a uniquely grassroots movement. We have relied on the generous donations of the public to pay for each aspect of the 32 marches. Without the help of these donors, this simply would not have been possible. You can make a donation via our crowd-funding page here.


You can keep up to date with details of the march by ‘liking’ the official Facebook page and following us on Twitter at @MarchinMarchAus.

It’s time for us to prove that while the Abbott Government has refused to listen thus far, we do indeed have a voice.

I will be marching as a vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government in March 2014; will you?


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